Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Someone explain to me how a cargo ship and a U.S. Destroyer can collide in the ocean leaving seven sailors dead. I see idiot boat drivers and idiot wave runner drivers all over Lake Bridgeport and even they manage to avoid crashing it to each other. 
  • Aggie and Frog will meet tomorrow in the loser's bracket in the College World Series. "Losers bracket" sounds so harsh.
  • The Freshman in the House's softball team got eliminated in a tournament this weekend in Wichita Falls. At 1:15 in the morning. 
  • This was not a good weekend for Megyn Kelly. But she reportedly earns $15 million a year from NBC (after getting $10 million for a book deal last year.)
  • I always support the bull because that "sport" is beyond cruel. (By the way, he looked like Jean Girard from Talladega Nights.)

    "We invented democracy, existentialism, and the ménage à trois."
  • Some of you commented that I should have helped the lawyer at a driver's license hearing who had no idea what she was doing.  Hey, I'll help some one who prepares, tries, and wants to be good. I'm not particularly interested in helping someone who has no respect for the profession. 
  • What a coincidence: Reps Joe Barton and Roger Williams just happen to decide to come back to the metroplex this weekend to get in front of local cameras after the baseball field shooting. 
  • A faithful reader sold me a kayak two years ago for $500 complete with a nice seat, paddle, fishing attachment, and delivery.  It may be the greatest purchase of my life. 
  • Interesting thing I read about fishing: It's not about catching fish at all. 
  • I had never seen this. It proves amusement parks can whip anyone.
  • Grayson County had a little excitement this weekend. That photo reminds me of a character actor but for the life of me I can't recall his name. Anyone? Think of an older guy who plays very animated parts. Edit: A faithful reader helped me out. I was thinking of Wallace Shawn. But the suggestion that the guy looks like the lead singer for the Smashing Pumpkins may be better. 
  • They caught him. He wasn't happy.
  • I really don't have an opinion on the Bill Cosby mistrial but his lawyer, Andrew Wyatt, was pretty funny afterwards: "For all those attorneys who conspired, like Gloria Allred - tell them to go back to law school."
  • A former Dallas appeals court judge who resigned after battling depression and alcoholism was found dead in his home. It sounds like he was a mess. 
  • I want this book just to look at the cover for inspiration. I wrote about "make your bed" from his commencement speech in 2015: 
  • XTO Energy is moving 1,600 jobs out of downtown Fort Worth to Houston. Why?
  • I went home last week and was immediately met by the College Sophomore in the House who asked, "Will you be in my movie?" Me: "Uh, ok." Her: "You just have to say, 'While you ladies were having your little pool party, a murder happened. It needs to be solved. Now!'"  I did it. (I'm guessing they've got some Charlie's Angels thing going on.)
  • Funny old Trump tweet: 
  • Or this: 
  • And on Saturday, Trump kept going back to the Rasmussen poll. Make no mistake about it: He desperately wants to feel loved. 
  • You need to read Wise County Judge J.D. Clark's guest  column for the Messenger where he reflects on his father's death. (Unrelated: He has just become Secretary/Treasurer of the North Texas Council of Governments.)