Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm surprised there is not more video of the explosion in Manchester. I'm guessing since it was outside people weren't videoing.
  • Speaking of Trump (and stay with me here), I found this article fascinating. It was written by the author of Art of the Deal who tries to explain Trump's personality and why he does what he does. It's objective. Hey, we are all nutty in our own little ways and there's normally a reason for that. I think he has Trump pegged. (One thing is that Trump earnestly believes is that every negotiation is about "winning it" and not compromising. There are only winners and losers and nothing in between.)
  • And yesterday he called the terrorists "losers." It is his ultimate rebuke. 
  • The Wise County Animal Shelter is full.
  • A reader sent me this very odd 12:00 minutes of commercial footage shot in Decatur in 1969. (Posted by the Messenger a handful of years back.) The only thing I recognize is the old Franklin Five and Dime store. 
  • Speaking of Wise County history, in the 1970s (I can't remember the specific year), Bridgeport celebrated its 150 100 year anniversary.  A time capsule was buried in or somewhere near what is now Harwood Park. Isn't it about time to dig it up? How many time capsules simply get lost in time because no one remembers them unless there was some granite marker. 
  • Last night PBS had a Frontline episode on Trump advisor Steve Bannon. (All of it and more is here.) It was fascinating. After the "Grab them by" news was released during the campaign, it was his idea to have Trump appear with former Clinton accusers before a debate. His view is to surprise the media and keep them off-balanced. 
  • Mrs. LL is up to, I'd guess 1.6 eyes. (Edited.)
  • The Super Bowl in 2021 had to be moved out of L.A. because the new stadium won't be ready in time. The NFL named Tampa as a replacement location yesterday.  Jerry Jones is powerful and is often called a "shadow commissioner" but the NFL really shuns him on Super Bowls. Since that ice disaster, there hasn't even been  a rumor of when he will get another one. 
  • Nothing makes me grin more than when a clerk or a waiter, in response to me being nice to them because it's the way you should live your life, oftentimes refer to me as "boss" as in "Gotcha, boss!" or "Have a good one, boss!" 
  • Yesterday the former head of the CIA, John Brennan, testified Russia tried to interfere with the election, there were significant contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russians, and he turned the information about the contacts over to the FBI so they could determine if there was any collusion.  And America just shrugs its shoulders. 
  • Sean Hannity is losing it over this fake Seth Rich story. And his new bosses, who authorized the retraction of the story, may fire him before all is said and done. 
  • The National Enquirer has spent the last months fawning over Trump (after Trump complimented the mag during the campaign.) Now this week they have a cover which at the very least puts Fox News in a bad light? This makes no sense.