Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • In a crazy story early this morning, there was a multi-county police chase of an RV which ended up on fire on I-30 in Arlington. A had woman texted police saying she and her two kids had been kidnapped by a man (who I think she had been in a relationship with). He shot her and she jumped out of the RV at high speeds. The chase continued into Arlington where it's believed the guy let the kids out and then shot himself. The fire ensued.
  • Crazy political story last night: On the eve of the Congressional election in Montana, the Republican nominee body slammed a reporter who asked him about Trumpcare. It was audio recorded and Fox News, who had reporters in the room, confirmed it happened.
  • Later in the night, the nominee was officially "charged" with assault and all three newspapers who had endorsed him retracted those endorsements. Crazy thought: He still might win. 
  • Random Montana voting law note: You can register to vote up to 8 p.m. on election day.
  • The Eighth Grader in the House was softball pitching into the pitch-back device in the backyard, hit the side pole of it with a fastball, the ball did a right turn like a magic bullet, and traveled 20 feet right through a game room window. Mrs. LL is a witness.   
  • I predicted the Fort Worth cop on trial would be found not guilty. I was close but no cigar. A jury became quickly deadlocked and a mistrial occurred. I'm guessing the DA's office decides not to reprosecute him. (Legal nerd note: The cop was charged with "recklessly" causing injury by shooting the man. Criminal law practitioners by and large have no idea what "recklessness" actually means under law. It's not the equivalent of a "bad mistake that shouldn't have happened.") 
  • Mrs. LL's eye problem is due to the rejection of trying to wear contacts. Some kind of crazy growth began to form in one eye and had to be "scraped" off. That's two times in a year. There's no permanent damage, but I think her contact wearing days are over. 
  • Channel 8 News is presenting horribly over-produced "Originals." For example, a couple of nights ago is was about people stealing bikes. The piece began with the reporter seriously introducing the story in a softly lit room with camera angles changing. And then they went out and planted bait bikes at intersections in Dallas equipped with GPS devices and were shocked to find out they ended up stolen. 
  • Zeke Elliott, after playing D.J. with Tony Romo in Westlake, went out to a club in Dallas and then (allegedly) got in a car wreck and hit his head. He's being held out of practice. Prediction: There is no way that guy plays his four to five years in Dallas without a major suspension, arrest, or scandal. 
    Romo and Zeke singing, "O.P.P."
  • A very bizarre local story: Check the Update for the one about ducks who are seeking homes. The "power of attorney" reference caused a huge question mark to form over my head.