Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Nothing like calling a country "bad" and banging war drums on Twitter.

  • Fox 4's Jennifer Myers reported accurately yesterday morning that the high temperature would be in the 60s with winds 25 to 30 mph or greater. Then she put up a graphic describing the day as "pleasant." I don't care if the temperature was going to be 78, those winds guaranteed the day would be anything but pleasant.
  • The John Wiley Price trial didn't go as the federal prosecutors planed. In dissecting the case, the Morning News said, "The sheer volume of evidence — 5.7 million files — also could have been a factor." That seems next to impossible. 
  • And here is one of the jurors who had to decide the complicated case:
  • Actually, the juror screwed that up. The judge actually said moments earlier that she "recommended" they not talk to the press. (Side note: That's none of the judge's business.)
  • John Wiley said outside the courthouse after the trial that he he couldn't answer questions because he was on his "way to work." The guys from KVIL just happened to be in a bar mid-afternoon: 

  • NFL draft: Running backs Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey received heavy criticism for skipping their teams last bowl games in order to not risk injury. They were drafted #4 and #8, respectively. Michigan tight end Jake Butt was a potential first round pick but blew out his ACL in the Orange Bowl causing him to slip to the fifth round
  • The White House chief of staff reiterated Trump's position that they've "looked at" changing the libel laws. Does anyone in that administration realize that would take a constitutional amendment?
  • Colorado on Saturday: 
  • Read about a Klan rally at Lake Worth attended by thousands in 1923. The newspaper story, which covered it like it was a normal festival, contained this nugget: 
  • Trump speaking to the NRA on Friday:  "I can tell you, both sons, they love the outdoors.  Frankly, I think they love the outdoors more than they love, by a long shot, Fifth Avenue." Has he forgotten about Barron?
  • And Trump got more confusing in a later interview: (1) Jackson died 16 years before the Civil War began, and (2) He doesn't know why the Civil War was fought,
  • Baylor receiver K.D. Cannon may be one of the most talented receivers in school history. Unfortunately, he has a ten cent brain.  He left school early to enter the NFL Draft and then didn't get drafted. And when he became a free agent with the 49ers, he acted like he was the #1 pick. 
  • The local weatherman completely botched the Saturday forecast. Pete Delkus, as always, got defensive.

  • Odd Texas law: If you were lucky enough to see an officer go to a judge to get a search warrant (I see it all the time), the affidavit in support of the search warrant is immediately a public record even before the search warrant is executed.