No Violence But This Is A Little Crazy

If I understand this right, the guy is with his family and had purchased a ticket for his son. But then they decide to send the son on an earlier flight in order to free up the seat so they could put a car seat in it for their two year old.  (Some people just hold an infant in their laps.)  But Delta had overbooked the flight, and wanted to use that seat for someone else.  The guy says no because he paid for the seat.

It gets weird because the flight attendants say everything from (paraphrasing) "the two year old can't be in the seat because the seat must match the passenger manifest" to "you aren't allowed to have a two year old in a car seat."

So how did this get resolved? Give the family the option to just hold the two year old? Nope.  Delta kicked the whole family off the plane. And we have the extra bonus of, " “You and your wife will be in jail and your kids will be in foster care” along the way if they didn't comply.