Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • We might need some news coverage of what is going on in Venezuela:
  • It was a dog and pony show yesterday in the House for Repeal and Replace, and I've never seen the Republicans go off so half-cocked on a bill. The Senate might just scrap the whole thing and start from scratch. And they are in no hurry. 
    Not an Old White Man Convention
  • Decatur's water this morning is a light shade of brown. 
  • As pointed out by several commentors yesterday, UT's Police Department has no proof that the Stabber was stopped by a concealed handgun license holder. Now that was truly fake news.
  • One or more persons who serve on the Wise County Crime Stoppers committee invited me in the comments to come to their meetings. I don't want to. But you obviously have all the information about the fund. so tell us all: (1) How much money is in the account, (2) How much has it paid out over, say, the last five years, and (3) What is the audit process.
  • The Dallas Morning News predicted Baylor will go 8-4 this fall. I suspect 6-6 is more likely. And I'll take it.  
  • Trophy Club apartments yesterday off of 114: 
  • ISIS is suggesting those sympathetic to their cause in America to use gun shows for easy access to weapons.  They've got that right. 
  • "In November 2016, a clip from an episode of the 1950s western television series Trackdown was published to YouTube, along with the claim that it 'predicted Donald Trump' by featuring a snake oil salesman character named 'Trump' who claimed that only he could prevent the end of the world … by building a wall around the town." It really is funny. They refer to him as Mr. Trump and at one point Trump threatens to sue. 
  • "And Another" from Indiana
  • Every time I hear about Mayfest I think about the 1995 hail storm which almost killed people. 
  • Flashback in honor of Cinco De Mayo:
    He really said, "I love Hispanics!" while eating a Taco Bowl.
  • Background anyone?:
  • The Balch Springs cop who killed the black teenager was once suspended two days for his interaction with prosecutors and his courtroom testimony in a DWI case where he said on the stand, "I don't understand the f---ing question." Let me tell you, we have a full blown psycho with a God Complex on our hands.