Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Alabama's coach Nick Saban got an eight year, $65 million extension yesterday and, with a bonus, will make over $11 million this season.  Remember that he's a public employee. (More shocking may be their outside linebacker's coach will make $950,000.)
  • Alabama (the state) ranks 4th worse in the nation in unemployment, 4th worse in high school graduation, and 5th worse in per capita income.
  • I don't know much about the Heritage Foundation (other than the insufferable Jim Carafano who comes on WBAP once a week) but they fired its leader yesterday. The running narrative is that the organization turned from a legitimate think tank to a partisan hack group. 
  • That Graham High graduate who was stabbed to death on the UT campus sounded like a good kid.
  • I'm finally into Season Four of Game of Thrones. Man, they will kill anyone on that show. 
  • Random restaurant thought: I miss the chain Tia's.
  • Random Decatur restaurant thought: I miss Garcia's.
  • If you are for insurance covering pre-existing conditions, does that mean you support the foundation of Obamacare? That's what the Republicans are dealing with.
  • It's May 3rd and I'm calling it: The Texas Rangers are done, brother. And get ready for a Yu Darvish trade by mid-summer.
  • Here's Pete Delkus' official forecast: 
  • Here's the fired Balch Springs offer who shot the kid with an AR-15 (credit KXAS.)
  • From the Update: "Devon Energy Corporation announced Tuesday that it plans to sell $1 billion in assets – including some in the Barnett Shale natural gas fields . . . . " That doesn't sound good for Wise County.