The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 He'll be in the Rangers starting lineup by Monday. 
 Come on. Give the puppy dog the sandwich. 

 Let's break into the swim park. It'll be fun. 
 "Ain't no jail cell can hold me."
 Don't laugh. She was aiming for the right spiral.
UT's new coach has forever blessed us with this. 


Anonymous said...

Pictures in order:
1. Man, if he ever connects, that ball is OUT OF HERE!
2. I think something else is going on there making the dog avoid eye contact. Canine flatulence?
3. How do ladies ice that particular area down? And how do you explain you lost your virginity to a water park slide?
4. "El Chapo" Guzman's dog.
5. Women often react that way when I first introduce myself to them.
6. Typical UT coach. No follow through whatsoever.

DF Jerry Jones
DF Getting Ready for the Weekend

Anonymous said...

Leftism is a poison.

Anonymous said...

Rangers are on a 5-game win streak.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of horrific blunders made by new coaches... Anyone hear about the new AD in Bridgeport changing the B used in the school logo?? It might look familiar to some people, especially if they are familiar with his old job in Bullard! Athletes are saying it's being posted all over the locker room. Maybe even a color change the works! Word was "You won't even recognize the boys when they come out on the field in their new uniforms next fall." Can that even happen without aproval from someone higher up? Can't imagine many lifelong Bulls will be on board with his plan!