Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The family of the girl murdered by the stalker at North Lake College wants the entire school  renamed to "Janeera Gonzalez College" in memory of her.  That's a bit much. 
  • Good to see that Trump endorsed and pseudo-Nazi Marine Le Pen get crushed in the France presidential election. 
  • Saw an ad in the Messenger this week asking "Want to make six figures?" It was for a "Flag [auto] technician." What is that? 
  • Trump this weekend: 

  • I'm not sure what possessed me to mention  Baylor receiver K.D. Cannon last week who went undrafted and was signed as a free agent by the 49ers.  This weekend, he was cut after a mini-camp. That's unheard of. 
  • We almost had a sub two hour marathon this weekend. A guy missed it by 26 seconds.
  • I fell asleep in a hammock this weekend. Then I fell out of it. That'll wake you up. 
  • According to Monster.com, Granbury is at full employment: 
  • "Jury awards woman a record-setting $110.5M in lawsuit alleging using Johnson & Johnson's baby powder caused cancer." Puuuuleeeze.
  • Mrs. LL this weekend, "Stop planting stuff!"  Me: "I'm a landscaping genius." Her: "No you're not."
  • Angry Pete Delkus from last year: 
  • Alvord ISD's bond proposal was rejected by a 404-116 margin. That is one big defeat.
  • There was a bit of a controversy about local EMS purchasing ATV's (now on hold, by the way), but someone asked me about his belief that Runaway Bay PD bought a couple of wave runners for Lake Bridgeport several years ago.