Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Texas Senate voted to end straight ticket voting (something I've ranted about for years), but I'm not sure it passed the House. That body was a train wreck last night as the midnight deadline came and went. As always, representative Jonathon Stickland was the butt of all jokes. 
  • A different shot of the wreck that shut down I-35 yesterday: 
  • I've noticed a pattern of crazy wreck and crazy driving over the last five years. It just seems to be increasing at a bizarre rate. 
  • There was a police chase in the metroplex yesterday where the driver went through downtown Dallas. I learned that  a news helicopter has a heck of a time keeping up with a car that is zigging and zagging on the streets amongst skyscrapers. I could practically hear the cameraman yell, "Where is she?!"
  • The President of the United States trolled Rosie O'Donnell yesterday afternoon because of a six month old tweet. Let that sink in for a second.
  • But he wasn't done. I'll never think of sleeves the same way again. 
  • Whenever I hear a commercial for lake front property that is "only thirty minutes from Dallas" I know that it's more like an hour and thirty minutes.
  • A kid in my neighborhood has a hover-board. I keep waiting for it to erupt in flames. 
  • From a Home Depot in Fort Worth: 
  • Per Bud Kennedy, Fort Worth lawyer Christy Jack will chronicle "Fort Worth's notorious mansion murders and Cullen Davis trials . . . [Saturday] . . . on CBS 48 Hours." I like Christy, but I'm not sure how she got that gig. 
  • Trump was unhinged this morning after his worst day in office. His NBC interview contradicted everything that had previously come from the White House. The guy just sits around every morning watching Fox and Friends and then goes off. (Side note: When you are being compared to Nixon, it's not a good idea to mention secret "tapes".)
  • Yes, Fox News, the Civil War was worse: 
  • The people of Rwanda, according to the College Freshman Not In The House, are very friendly. (She had a layover in Amsterdam to get there which allowed me to break out the "Royale With Cheese" joke.)