Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • "Former Parker County court-at-law Judge Debra [DuPont] Rogers' hanging death in her Aledo home has been ruled a suicide." It's hard to find any background on this story or her history.
  • I took a portion of the 8th Grade History practice STAAR test last night. I think I might be held back this Fall.
  • Prosper High School will give breathalyzer tests to all students wishing to enter the prom. Heck, why not take blood? Or a full body search? Search their cars? Check their text messages? 
  • White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had Mike Huckabee's daughter fill in for him at the  daily press conference yesterday. As she got peppered with questions regarding the firing of FBI Director Comey, she came across as America's Baghdad Bob.
  • And her dad needs to stay off Twitter.
    Uh, that would be CCN and not CNN

    Oh, no, you didn't.
  • I'm worried about the headline writers at the Dallas Morning News:
  • Character actor Michael Parks died yesterday. He was in Kill Bill 1 and 2, Death Proof , Django Unchained,  and Dusk til Dawn. See a pattern there?  I was also surprised to see he was Bronson in a long forgotten TV series from my childhood that was only on for two seasons: Then Came Bronson.
  • Trumpland Shocking News (that many faithful readers will ignore) : Just days ago, fired FBI Director Comey asked for more money and prosecutors from the Justice Department to continue the Russia investigation. Who did he specifically ask? Deputy AG Rod J. Rosenstein who just authored the memo, at Trump's direction, that Trump would then rely upon to fire Comey. And after that, Rosenstein threatened to resign once he was painted as the reason for the firing. Fake news? Even the Drudge Report is citing these stories which are everywhere.
  • And Trump thought it was a good idea to meet with the Russians yesterday: 

  • Ex Cowboy running back and former Baylor great Lincoln Coleman was reported to have been missing for eight days. Reports this morning are that he has been found. Weird. 
  • For all of you who think its easy to collect from the government for civil rights violations, the Sixth Circuit reminded us all again that it is not: 
  • Just a funny picture of Jason Garrett, Jerry Jones, and John Daly at Cowboys Country Club before noon yesterday: 
  • "'Big Black,' co-star of MTV show 'Rob & Big,' reportedly died in Plano" Never heard of him.