Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump fired every U.S. Attorney a few weeks back. He has not named a single replacement. There are 93 positions sitting empty. (It might have helped the John Wiley Price prosecutors if they had a boss.) Edit: Correction. He fired 46 U.S. Attorneys who were "Obama-era holdovers." They have not been replaced.
  • A police officer in Austin in charge of running the Intoxilyzer machine did a routine "self test" which showed 0.064 and 0.065 (the machine requires two samples.) Yep, he had been drinking. He immediately reported it to his superior. Was that a noble act? Nope: (1). The DPS technical supervisor for the machine downloads the data once a month and she would have seen it. (2) The testing data for the machine is discoverable by defense lawyers who are defending DWI cases and they would have seen it. Without knowing the facts, their position would have been: A sober officer blew a 0.065? The machine is screwed up. Then the officer would either have to come clean or jeopardize thousands of cases. 
  • I'm clairvoyant. Yesterday I posted a picture of Aaron Hernandez with Tim Tebow where Tebow had "John 3:16" under his eyes. There are reports Hernandez drew "John 3:16" on his forehead before dying. 
  • I also correctly predicted the demise of Bill O'Reilly who got fired yesterday. (What a miserable human being.) And who will take his time slot? The guy I've been dogging for the last two days: 
  • O'Reilly used to work at Channel 8 in Dallas:
  • Speaking of Channel 8, they covered Decatur ISD's consideration of random drug testing. 
  • If weed had run against Trump, it would have of won. In every state that voted to legalize it in November, the "for" votes garnered more votes than Trump. 
  • Oh, my! Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock in the White House! (No word on whether or not squirrel was served.)
  • I've not been to a high school track meet in forever although I love track. Yesterday, Decatur held the "Area Meet" which comes after the District Meet but before the Regional Meet for those who qualify. I always thought you went from district to regional. How long has this been going on? Let me guess, twenty years. 
  • Unrelated: I bet I haven't seen someone write a check at a store in twenty years.