Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Someone streamed together Trump's campaign promises to never golf as President because he would be working too hard. I especially loved, "If you're in the White House, why would you ever want to leave the White House?"  
  • I always seem to spend a little bit of time watching part of The Ten Commandments on Easter weekend, but there's no way I'm watching a marathon movie interrupted every 10 minutes with commercials. However, I did decide that Pharaoh's outfit is pretty spiffy:
  • When did the original Frilly's in Decatur close? 
  • CNBC doing comedy with the "(left)" in the graphic. 
  • Fort Worth PD now has dirt bikes. Yep, dirt bikes.
  • A car dealership and a sponsoring radio station apparently has never heard about the lawsuit arising from Hands On A Hardbody. 
  • No matter when I blow by Tucker Carlson and no matter who he is interviewing, I'm guaranteed to see "Dumb Face" that rivals that of Eli Manning: 
    Side note: Watch this girl destroy him

  • Rich Little is making the rounds today on radio shows promoting a gig in Arlington. He was an impersonator who had his hey day back when I was a little kid. I've I always thought he was average at best, and always projected a persona of "Well, here's Rich Little trying to impersonate someone but it's more Rich Little than anything else." (I was curious how much ticket costs since I figured sales were lagging, but got sidetracked when the website showed there were only two rows left where seats were available. There is no way that is true. He wouldn't be doing radio promotions if it were.)
  • I got a call yesterday informing me that people placed on Pre-Trial Diversion in Wise County are required by the probation department to sign an amendment that prevents them from voting during the probation even though they are legally eligible to vote. I'm trying to confirm this. If true, I bet this comes as a huge surprise to every prosecutor and judge in the courthouse. And I bet that practice will end today. Edit: I received a quick call from the head of probation to me saying, "Not true." And he appears to be right. All probationers are provided a form of potential collateral consequences but it is not a signed amendment to the terms and conditions of probation. I'm getting a copy of the form and will link it here later. Edit: Here is what they are given at probation. I now question my source's ability to read. 
  • Wired.com needs to work on it's ad placement:
  • The NFL Draft is coming up, and as the years go by I find it more and more unfair every year. A player will be chosen by a team, and he won't have any voice as to who it will be. Then he will paid a preset amount (way below market value) because the NFL wanted it that way. Before the current salary structure was put into place, the #1 pick in the draft in 2010, Sam Bradford, signed a six year $78 million contract with $50 million guaranteed. Last year the #1 pick was paid a $28 million four year deal with $18.6 guaranteed. You think the NFL is making more now or in 2010? As a recent SI article said, "The NFL sure does love money."
  • Do I have this right?: Decatur ISD, Bridgeport ISD and Paradise ISD are all looking for a superintendent?