Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • So we wake up to learn that the National Security Adviser has resigned because he contacted the Russians about removing sanctions before he took office? The destruction of the Trump Administration begins. (Kellyanne Conway said yesterday that Trump had "full confidence" in him.) He has been in office less than 30 days. What a cluster.
  • Mrs. LL this morning: "You want to know the big news? There will be a black Bachorlette!" (I told her she just made a bullet point. She laughed out loud.)
  • And you know why the NSA guy had to resign? The press. This time being the Washington Post doing its job. Or as Trump calls it, "FAKE NEWS!!"
  • Go to Fox News when a scandal like that breaks and it takes them forever to report it. 
  • What a gloomy Valentine's Day. 
  • Fox 4's Steve Eagar. blocked me on Twitter. I have no idea why, and he's only the second guy to ever do so. What is he thinking? His job depends on exposure from viewers and people talking about Fox 4. How does someone in the media not understand that? (And the feedback I got over that guy's arrogance once I announced I was blocked by him was shocking.) 
  • Gola Mae Fleming, 103, of Bridgeport had a segment on Fox 4 being a Dallas Mav's fan.  
  • Man, the "cash it outside" girl from Dr. Phil is getting famous. Idiocracy. And it's on all of us. 
  • The Canadian Prime Minister met Trump yesterday.
  • And Trump is already golfing more than the retired folks out at Runaway Bay.
  • As I continue to watch more Continuing Legal Education videos, I loved one lady from Carrollton who said time and time again, "Know your county. Know your judge."  She was talking about knowing nuances, the judge's staff, and most importantly the judge's view of disputed issues of the law. That's why I've never understood the out of town lawyer who stops me in the courthouse hallway and asks, "How's this docket thing work?" 
  • Never before in the history of America do every single one of us, no matter in what aspect of our lives, need to ask ourselves, "Are we being conned?"