Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump's press conference yesterday was insane. No person with a brain who watched all one hour and fifteen minutes of it would disagree. He actually said that if he blew up a Russian ship "everyone" would love him. 
  • Even Fox News thought he was crazy:
  • So who does the President use this morning to tell us all it wasn't crazy: 
  • Since we are headed to Idiocracy, we might all want to go back and watch War Games which was nothing more than a fun little movie in the 1980s. Now think about the General in charge of Norad when he thinks a Russian nuclear attack is underway and says, "Get me the President on the horn." 
  • By the way, that guy is the most underrated greatest character actor of our time. From Urban Cowboy to No Country for Old Men
  • Wise County just approved $46,000 for a company to study its "Internet infrastructure." I've been preaching it for years: Be a private company and contract with government if you want to get rich. (And "infrastructure"? What does that even mean? Call ATT for a deal because you're the government and have clout, and then buy decent routers for WIFI and connect every desktop by WIFI via USB. Problem solved.) 
  • Mark Cuban got sassy when someone challenged him on his political views:
  • Trump's attack on all the media will be his downfall. When I was a young DA, I started to pick a fight with the Messenger about coverage that I thought was unflattering. My dad took me aside and told me, "You don't pick a fight with people who buy paper by the ton and ink by the barrel." 
  • If you watch any news channel you will see an ad to confirm the nominated Supreme Court justice paid for by a SuperPAC. That's just weird. 
  • Vince Young is trying to get back in the NFL? Not a chance. (I still believe he was the greatest college player ever.) 
  • Solar panels on houses? Is the financial benefit worth it to start with and what about the aesthetic value? 
  • This will only appeal to legal nerds: Watch an unprepared prosecutor get crushed in oral arguments in Georgia. 
  • "Imagine this: If the NFL tries to come down on the state of Texas, I might just pass a bill in the state of Texas mandating that all NFL players have to stand and put their hand on their heart when the National Anthem is played." -- Texas Governor Greg Abbott on the NFL expressing concern about the Bathroom Bill.  What should scare all of you is that he is a former Texas Supreme Court justice and knows what he said is 100% unconstitutional but he said it anyway to pander to masses.