Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • "Michael Flynn is a wonderful man. I think he's been treated very, very unfairly by the media…as I call it the fake media.” -- Donald Trump yesterday on the guy he fired for illegally talking to the Russians
  • Is there a betting line in Vegas on whether the Russians actually have a seedy video of Trump? 
  • Indicted Texas AG Ken Paxton was the first to file a voluntary brief in the case challenging Trump's Muslim Ban. 
  • The Eighth Grader in the House and I had a discussion about the concept of light years. She was pretty good. Then I told her, "The stars you see in the sky are nothing more that a snapshot of what space used to look like." It took a second, but she understood. 
  • I watch a ton of DWI cop videos in Wise County, and I've noticed a pattern when the cop is kind enough to let the guy being arrested call his wife: They always seem to be kind and sad and loving and apologetic. And the wife is always not pleased. (Note to people being arrested: If you are in police car, you are being recorded.) 
  • I think we are still at DEFCON 2 or watching a sequel to Top Gun in real life.
  • Great question yesterday: Who is the most famous person you have came within 10 feet of? The best I could think of is when George W. came through the Wise County courthouse posing for pictures left and right before his presidential run. 
  • Let's check on Trump's mental health this morning. Yep, he is still scared of the free press.
  • Decatur's basketball team won a coin flip to determine post season playoff seeding. That's right out Friday Night Lights.
  • I just saw that one of my favorite teachers of all time from Bridgeport has died: Joyce Witty. She was an English teacher, and she would torch me for my grammar. But she was fascinated with my writing style and with the content of any fiction essay assignment I submitted to her. And, more importantly, she encouraged me to no end.