Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • And now I begin 2017. I do so reluctantly, but it is better than the alternative. 
  • When I go off the grid, I really go off the grid. Perfect example: Me to Mrs. LL: "Did Ohio State lose two days ago?" Her: "Yep. Big time. And how in the world do I know this and you don't?" 
  • I'm still way behind on anything that happened. It sounds like Wise County almost burned down. 
  • As much as people complain about flying, it almost always goes off without a hitch. At least for me. 
  • I appreciate vacations the older I get. From the get go, I count down the days remaining and remind myself to enjoy every single minute. 
  • One great secret Mrs. LL found is the online vacation rental property sites. You can rent a house for the same price as a hotel. 
  • Odd moment from last week: Mrs. LL driving a standard truck like the West Texas girl that she is and almost hitting a monkey scampering across the road. 
  • The former McKinney cop (famous for doing a barrel roll and breaking up a pool party) and the city are being sued for $5 million by one of the girls who was held down. That's just dumb. Whenever you hear about someone suing for a specific figure, ask yourself if you'd be willing to go through what they did for that amount of money. 
  • The drowning deaths of the young dad and his five year old son while preparing to go duck hunting in Hood County was heartbreaking. But, man, you've got to put a life jacket on that kid. And yourself.
  • I didn't think Megyn Kelley would go to NBC. And that creates a large hole for Fox News.
  • This murder case in Fort Worth is weird. The accused is 29 and the dead woman, owner of Lon Smith Roofing, is 49. And that is one big house. (He was all over the news last night giving jail cell interviews and came across fairly believable.)
  • A judge on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has announced she won't run again giving those who want the job two year's notice. That's really unusual.
  • Trump will hold his first news conference on January 11th. Delicious. 
  • I bought  James A. Michener's Texas. A thirty year old and 1,700 page book. It's my New Year's Resolution to finish it.  Tell me I made a good choice. 
  • "Texas Lawmaker wants unhappy couples to live apart for 3 years before they can divorce." That's conservative Rep. Matt Krause, R-Fort Worth.  You've got to love those anti-big government Republicans. 
  • If the Republicans 180 on disbanding the ethics panel on their first day of being in full power, this will be a very entertaining year.