Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • So Trump didn't mean he would build a wall by forcing Mexico to pay for it. He meant you would pay for it if he can get convince "The Swamp" to spend your money: 
  • Then he moved on to really important things and his replacement on The Apprentice.
  • There's a criminal defense lawyer in Houston who just scorched a prosecutor turned defense lawyer and then also took on a judge. It begins:
  • I'm a notorious cleaner when I get control of the house by myself for a couple of days, and I'll throw away anything. Mrs. LL's very important work folder went missing after one of those stints about five months ago. She blamed me. Yesterday, she found it -- at work.  Once again, a man in America has been falsely accused by those in a position of power!
  • KXAS has some breaking weather news this morning. Fire up the sand trucks!
  • Norman, Oklahoma is not impressed.
  • Dan Patrick's "bathroom bill" proves he is a moron. North Carolina was boycotted left and right for their bill and the same is about to happen to Texas. 
  • It's getting dangerous out there when a 15 shoots and kills a 17 year old in a Chili's parking lot in Garland in the middle of the afternoon. 
  • As bagofnothing pointed out, Fred Willard looked dangerously thin and frail on his appearance on Modern Family this week.