The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Penalty. Unsportsdoglike conduct. Targeting. 
 Talk about an interview ending on a "hard break."
 Legs. Use them.
 Mother of the Year
Father of the Year
(The kid seemed to get a kick out of it.)


HarveyLee said...

What? No comment about Pete Delkus? LL is going soft.

Anonymous said...

In reverse order...

Jack 21 and Jill, 23...."This is the first time we heard the word shit".

Jordon, age 22,...."This is the first time I heard my Mom say 'shit'".

"Oh....shit!!!" Gravity wins again. I love physics.

" arm!!!"

Woof...woof woof...growl....huff huff. (translated to English from dog talk), "Man, I clocked that dude. Check me out on sports center. I need a Milk Bone."

Anonymous said...

The dog had to be put down.