The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I needed a cute kitten for the day.
  • Texas AG Ken Paxton is in trouble again for not reporting a $100,000 stock gift. He said that he tried to pay the CEO at a Dairy Queen but the CEO refused because, "God doesn't want me to take your money." 
  • For the record, I didn't throw out an "ugh" for the kids taking the actual tests, it was more for the procedures involved with the staff that administers the STAAR tests. I've been confident with both kiddos testing.
  • I had someone get oddly angry with me yesterday, complain about me - all while blatantly lying about what was going on. I didn't take any of it personally. Turned out, they had a very frustrating moment before they tried to pull a fast one on me and I wouldn't budge.
  • Between Trump's many crazy comments plus the tons of sound bites from other Republicans over the last few months, the video splicing guy for Hillary's ad campaign must be exhausted.  
  • The lady attacked by the dogs like they were eating steak passed away yesterday. Ugh. What a horrible way to go.
  • Ozzy and Sharon Ozbourne are divorcing. I think that shouldn't be allowed. They've been married 33 years. Come on, they're Ozzy and Sharon!
  • TCU made a big spelling error. Oops. 
  • Someone stole the license plate off of The Family Gangster Mobile. I filed a police report online. I would feel better if I had a police officer take that report. The 7th grader in the House didn't understand why someone would want another's license plate. She also didn't understand what a couple could be doing parked in a dark parking lot at night. I was probably too honest with both scenarios.
  • Two died in tornados in Oklahoma yesterday. 
  • Barry's high school football coach passed away last week.FUNERAL for Orrie Harris, 82, of Bridgeport is 2 p.m. Tuesday at Morris Memorial United Methodist Church in Chico with burial at Chico Cemetery. Family visitation is 6-8 tonight at Jones-Bridgeport.