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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I can't believe I mentioned the name Noah and didn't post of picture to go along with it. I apologize.
  • Have you watched the movie, "Inside Out"? You should, it's entertaining and a little insightful.
  • I got a bug bite on my leg that I'm a little worried about. As a person that spends a lot of time outdoors, I know odd when I see it.
  • Hurst didn't have a very good evening. First they had a strong storm and then there was a double shooting.
  • I like the term "fake outrage" when referring to LT. Gov. Dan Patrick.
  • Officer Pearce goes home after 2 months in the hospital. Two Months. 
  • Barry update: He's doing really good. It's just about time to hand this thing back to him. 
  • Texas Rangers had a rain delay between the second and third innings. I love a good rain delay that brings out the tarp. 
  • Oh my! An inmate died in custody of the jail. From the Update:
  • INMATE DIES AT COUNTY JAIL – A Chico man died at the Wise County Jail Saturday night. Sheriff Lane Akin said Jeremiah Martinez, 35, was arrested Saturday evening for public intoxication after a citizen called to report Martinez was seen acting strangely on County Road 1540 near Chico. A deputy responded and asked for Wise County EMS to evaluate Martinez. Akin said Martinez was belligerent and uncooperative, but he was finally cleared to be taken to jail. Once at the jail, Martinez continued to be uncooperative. He was placed in a holding cell and placed on a 10-minute watch rotation. About an hour later, Martinez was found unresponsive in his cell. Medics were called out again but were unable to revive Martinez. His body was sent to the Dallas County Medical Examiner for an autopsy and toxicology reports. Akin said Martinez did admit to a deputy that he had ingested methamphetamine. Read more in the midweek Wise County Messenger.