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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • (EDIT: Still Mrs. LL here.)
  • Did everyone behave on Mother's Day yesterday? Personally, I took my Mum to see Mother's Day. It was a cute movie. 
  • To my mom, how about this doggie?
  • So, let me get this straight: Now Rick Perry is endorsing Doald Trump when he called him a "cancer" on conservatism?
  • A three year old fell off a pontoon boat in Rockwall and hit the propeller. Good grief! He's in serious condition.
  • While on the subject of Johnny Manziel yesterday, I was told that there has never been a single guy start as an NFL quarterback who has had his mugshot taken. That couldn't be true.
  • "Noah" was the most popular male baby name last year. That's not because of a man with a big boat, that's because of "The Notebook".
  • A church in Houston had a carnival that included a bounce house that was blown by high winds and tumbled for 30 feet. 
  • There were over 160,000 at the Kentucky Derby. That's over 1-1/2 Jerry Worlds.
  • Dog attack in Dallas: "They ate her like they was eating a steak," said her mother, Barbara Brown.
  • I missed Rhome's Brandon Davis resigning Friday in the Update. 
  • DAVIS RESIGNS AS RHOME CHIEF — Rhome Police Chief Brandon Davis has resigned his position. Davis told the Messenger yesterday that he had decided to resign because he felt like the atmosphere in the city was no longer safe for his family. Davis said that someone has been stalking him, and he believes it is best to move out of the city and change his occupation. He mentioned that because he is no longer a police officer, he has the right to protect his home and family just as any other citizen. “As a civilian, if I catch him coming in my yard, I can take whatever force necessary to protect my property,” Davis said. “I don’t have to say, ‘Stop. Police.’ So I think the best way to protect my family until I can get out of here is to be a regular citizen, because I have more rights.” Read more in the weekend Wise County Messenger.
  • Now the comments make a little more sense. 
  • Local election results. A guy running for Chico City Council got seven votes. Fail.
  • STAAR testing today. Ugh.