The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Rangers have a day game today with the start time at 1:05. That may be the closest that game time and the temperature are equal to each other in Ranger history. 
  • The Alvord Watermelon Festival has a theme for its beauty pageant. Do we have a Bum Steer candidate? . . .
  • Eighteen year old Malia Obama was seen allegedly smoking weed in Chicago where it is legal? Oh, the horror! (The boys on WBAP thought the Secret Service should be held "responsible" for "contributing to the delinquency of a minor." Seriously.)
  • I feel sorry for the husbands having to listen to them. Can you imagine that chatter?  . . . 
  • This may be the first presidential election in history where the goal of the candidate is to keep the focus on the other candidate.
  • I didn't watch any of The Bachelorette but Mrs. LL might have received her doctorate in What-Will-JoJo-Do.   JoJo and her new mate will live in sin a 1,547 square foot home on the M Streets in Dallas. 
  • New Time magazine cover . . . 
  • By the way, Trump called the President the "founder of ISIS" yesterday.
  • Dallas County Commissioners gave themselves a raise to $157,111. I've said it for years: Somewhere along the way government jobs became better gigs than private sector jobs. 
  • The Air Force has a pilot shortage? Easy solution: Just remake and release Top Gun on Snapchat.
  • The AP released its Texas high school football polls yesterday. No Wise County school made any divisional Top 10. In fact, no Wise County school received a single vote.
  • If you show up for jury duty in Dallas County, do you know who you'll see in the instructional video? Fox 4's Clarice Tinsley. Can you imagine the life force being drained from the general jury room when that video begins to roll?
    "Am I here to help you? Yes! Just label me . . .  'Guilty'!"
  • A random post on the official and public Texas prosecutor message board probably is a great way to screen out potential applicants. Bad mouth my office in public and then ask for a job? Riiiiiiight. (Not to mention that any prosecutor opening gets a million applicants these days. You aren't exactly in a position of power if you are a lawyer looking for a job these days.)
  • Any one can allege anything in a lawsuit, but a prominent professional calf roper from Decatur makes the front page of the Star-Telegram today.