Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • A horrible wreck in Decatur this morning left many injured and one dead. Apparently it happened when a car ran the stop sign at Deer Park Road and Business 380.  My mind goes to the Butterfly Effect and what millions of sequences of previous events had to be perfectly timed to cause those two cars to be at that specific spot at that moment in time. 
  • Amazing: Larry Myers, a judge on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, "has acknowledged that he helped install eight fake 'No Parking' signs on a city street near Texas Christian University" because of traffic headaches.
  • And another (but now its moved on to school secretaries). 

  • "Over 2-day span, 3 bodies pulled from the Trinity River in Fort Worth." I don't know if tubing at Panther Island is still ongoing. 
  • They have branches now? 
  • There's something weird about this case: "Danita Tutt, 40, is accused of causing serious bodily injury to her son, Colby, by lying about his medical history to the boy’s doctors, prompting the boy to undergo unnecessary surgeries and be placed on unneeded pain medications." I just can't place my finger on it. 
  • Parents and medical decisions for their kids is a confusing area. There was the story of the young TCU fan with brain cancer whose parents "discontinued antibody treatment and chemotherapy [so he could] enjoy 'his remaining days with his family' before entering hospice soon." He died a couple of weeks ago and no one questions their decision.
  • Noted on The Ticket this morning: The Cowboys have two playoff wins in the last twenty years. 
  • Fascinating: The DA in Waco is being sued by some of the Twin Peaks bikers because of the incompetent and reckless way he has thrown around indictments. Yesterday, a federal judge suggested that the DA needs to be replaced in the criminal cases. Why? The judge correctly believes that the DA has a financial interest in seeking a conviction against those suing him. If he gets one, he wins the civil case with the "See! I told ya!" defense. If he can't, the civil cases against him gets stronger.
  • My head almost exploded the other day when Fox 4's Clarice Tinsley, when reporting on a story of a cop trying to round up two cows, proudly noted, "You have to admit, that was a pretty good 'steak'-out."  She was soooooo proud of herself. 
  • When Fox News begins an attack on Hillary's "health issues", it is clearly desperation time. It's like calling a hook-n-ladder in the final minute of a football game. It's predictable, a sign of weakness, and never works. (Unless you're Boise State against Oklahoma in 2007.)