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Remember That Judge In The "No Pants" Courtroom Appearance Case?

Well, she's back in the news. This time she lets and inmate hold his newborn son.

Trust me, stuff like that is a sometimes a better wake up call to "get your crap together" than being put in a cage.


Anonymous said...

She is after a network daytime TV judge show! You can make like 40 bazillion dollars a year!

Anonymous said...

She looks like she would be a good tv judge.

Anonymous said...

Being "put" in a cage? He walked into that cage all by himself. Where is the video clip of the victim or victims of his crime, whatever it is, at the moment he committed it?

Anonymous said...

Well either he's in a "cage" or she gets beat to a pulp repeatedly. Amazing that anyone would prefer a woman getting the hell beat out of her all the time.