Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Someone chastised me for saying the law was "stupid" for making it a felony to steal a penny. He said that it wasn't broken but that it just needed to be tweaked. If a law needs to be tweaked it, as written, is a dumb law. 
  • I've watched very little of the Olympics, but I was watching yesterday afternoon live when female cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten had the horrific crash that put her in intensive care. I thought she was dead.
  • If you close your eyes, every gymnast sounds like a munchkin.
  • Someone remarked how we are so busy taking pictures that we never really look and enjoy what we are taking a picture of and enjoy the moment. (Use the Grand Canyon as an example.) I thought of this when I saw a clip of Denzel Washington walking past some Cowboy fans at training camp. One lady turned her back towards him so she could take a selfie with Washington in the background.
  • I actually heard a guy announce he was Colts fan and that he expected the Hall of Fame Game to be a "good game". Buddy, there has never been, nor will there ever be. a pre-season game that is a "good game."
  • Last night Fox 4 News teased that a retired Fort Worth Zoo employee died "surrounded" by 70 snakes in his home and "we will tell you how he died . . . next." They clarified by pointing out he died from natural causes and all the snakes were in crates.
  • The Star-Telegram had a story on a young meth addict. I think I spotted one of the problems to her recovery plan . . . 
  • I saw the movie Concussion over thew weekend. It was good but not great. There's something about feature films that aren't true documentaries that cause me to question too many aspects of them. We Are Marshall comes to mind.
  • Anyone seen Walter White of Breaking Bad lately? . . . 
    (Actual photo from the scene)
  • "Five family members, including a 2-year-old girl, were found dead in their home in Pennsylvania in what authorities are describing as an apparent murder-suicide." The family was featured in a July 2015 story in the New York Times.
  • Remember when an Evel Knievel jump would make news? Nowadays his son can jump 18 Corvettes at a Clay Cooley dealership and no one even notices. (That link takes you to a KXAS video of the jump but the brain trust over there thinks it is a good idea to put a 30 second commercial in front of 24 second clip.)
  • A-Rod announced his retirement from the Yankees yesterday. The Rangers, who he hasn't played for since 2004, still owe him $40 million?
  • "Child's death at Kansas Schlitterbahn water park investigated . . . . The boy died while riding the Verr├╝ckt, the world's tallest water slide."