Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Of all of Trump's falling poll numbers, the great 538.com projection for Texas may be the most eyebrow raising. Trump's projected share is 47.8% with Hillary at 44.1%. That's shockingly close for Texas. And once Texas goes blue, American politics is forever changed.
  • Headline in the Morning News: "UNT student stars as famed 1980s 'Preppy Killer' on 'Murder Made Me Famous'." Then you read the story and it never mentions UNT or where the guy is from. 
  • When was the last time you thought of the "Preppy Murder"?
  • Speaking of UNT: The Drudge Report reports that the Daily Mail reports that North Texas reports that guys on Tinder have low self-esteem.
  • No we they don't.
  • In light of Trump's problems, Fox News went into full blown Blame-The-Mainstream-Media mode last night.
  • The beatdown of SI's Monday Morning Quarterback cite had an article that looked nothing more than an ad for NFL gear. Lo and behold, at the end of the column there was this: "The MMQB has affiliate deals with some of the brands featured and receives commission on certain purchases." Finally, some honesty.
  • I'm really surprised you don't see it more often: A guy on trial for continuous sexual abuse testifies and then high tails it at lunch in Fort Worth. 
  • Spending money, crowds, traffic, oppressive heat, grumpy kids: It's tax free weekend!
  • Dallas PD issued a press release regarding robberies involving people playing Pokeman Go. There have been two. And one occurred at 1:05 a.m. and the other at 2:30 a.m.  My CSI type of mind has cracked the case.
  • Fox News brought on a guest last night to give an opinion whether the U.S. swapped money for hostages in Iran: Oliver North. I don't know whether that is idiocy or genius. I suppose if you need an expert opinion on chicken theft you bring in a chicken thief.
  • We've got a great legal battle going on in Wise County. There is an idiotic law on the books which allows someone to be charged with a felony if a person steals "copper" or "aluminum." So if someone steals a penny, a prosecutor has the unfettered discretion to charge them with a felony (because a penny has some copper in it) or charge them with the lowest crime on the books, a Class C Misdemeanor (because the value stolen is only one cent.)  Yesterday the Fort Worth Court of Appeals decided a case where someone allegedly stole a misdemeanor amount from a Bridgeport scrap yard but, unfortunately, it included four aluminum bats. The prosecutor decided to go with a felony. The trial court found the statute unconstitutional. The appellate court disagreed but with a rare 1-1-1 vote. One to uphold the statute's validity, one who concurred only (because the judge didn't think the record was enough to find the statute unconstitutional in this particular case), and one dissent
  • Love this from the dissent: 
  • Let me say this again: Think about the amount of your tax dollars spent in that case.
  • If Seinfeld had a script for 9/11? There was one on the Internet yesterday but now it's gone.