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Campaigning And You Pay For It With Your Taxes

Editor's note: This is my own personal pet peeve giving rise to my own personal rant.

For the life of me, I don't understand how public officials tweet during the day about personal matters and do so only to promote themselves for the next election. They are supposed to be working for you (and I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt they aren't using a government paid for phone or computer.) They don't tweet to inform the public of the government's business. They do it for name recognition for the next election.

Take for example our insane Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and his son (who first got his district judgeship by appointment.) This happened today. A Thursday. A work day:

Ok, on its surface this is no big deal. Lt. Gov. Patrick posts a link to his appearance on a local TV station.  But that is his official government account he is using and he posts during the day for the sole purpose of self promotion.  It clearly is an official account because clicking on the tweet leads you to this:

Pretty official.

Is it the end of the world? No. Is it a crime? Heck, it might be but what isn't a crime these days? Is it a violation of ethical campaign rules. The answer can almost be "absolutely".  If a sitting official uses a government stamp to mail in his re-election application for a place on the ballot then he's technically in big trouble. If that same official tells his assistant to "be sure to vote for me today", it's a violation. But these guys (and many, many others) just tweet away on government time and everyone looks the other way.

But let's get past our Lt. Gov. and take a look at his son, the judge. Above, he came along to promote himself by retweeting his father's post and adding a sweet memory from his childhood.  The son is an odd bird. He's uses his Twitter account all the time during the day. Sometimes he'll retweet news but he oftentimes uses it for self-promotion by letting us know how hard working he is. He'll tweet that a jury is being picked or a jury is deliberating in an effort to appear to be the hardest working man in show business. You know, I really don't have any problem with that because he is informing us about government business. BUT if you click on his tweets, he makes it clear that he's not on Twitter to tell you about official business. Nope, he is in the ultimate business of self-promotion:
At least he doesn't hide the message of "Vote For Me! Vote For Me!" like his dad does. So he tweets during work days on an account with the above campaign logo. I don't get it.

No one else will care, but I still don't get it.

Edit: Bonus points - What is a "circular hypothetical"?


Anonymous said...

Jealous Much?

Just because you couldn't even get on the ballot doesn't mean these guys aren't good to go. Let go of the hate bu. Your party is supposed to be the party of love and unity right?

Anonymous said...

Ethics? We don't need no stinkin ethics!

Texas Republicans

Anonymous said...

At this point, what does it matter!

Anonymous said...

You're right about Patrick (the son) in a lot of ways. But, unlike Willett, Patrick is actually surprisingly fair. Is is dad a crazy ass loon? Absolutely. And he does self-promote. But in a courthouse filled with former prosecutors (like him) that frequently ignore the law and favor the state, Patrick (the son) is surprisingly fair.

There are a number of judges in Harris County that need to go, that throw rape victims in jail, and that regularly deny any defendant's request, n matter how well supported it is by the law. Patrick isn't one of them.

He's actually sane enough to make you wonder of he's really Dan Patrick's son.

But yeah, his attention-whoring gets old.

To his credit, though, he tweets the acquittals just like he does the convictions.

An Anonymous Harris County Lawyer (No, not that one)

Anonymous said...

I am a little more concerned about a sitting president using AF One to travel to campaign events for other candidates. I am not picking on Obama...they all do it and it is BS. I can handle the stray tweet that costs nothing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it isn't the ethics at all but the unbridled stupidity of twitter users everywhere. And throw in facebook, instagram, snapchat, gossiperlickers llc and the entire social media revolution.

It hasn't made us better people. On the contrary

Anonymous said...

Was any part of the 400 million dollars to Iran tax dollars?

Anonymous said...

But it's fine when a dem does the same thing. Double standard much?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Obama hauling Cankles around on Air Force one campaigning for her on the tax payers dime? You don't seem to mind that.

Anonymous said...

3:20, I beg to differ. My tweets should be in law books.

DF Judge Kim Kardashian

Anonymous said...

And so when a person paid by taxpayers goes to the water cooler, sees a few people, and talks about something personal, you having a coronary? He or she is on the clock, yet wasting our taxpayer dollars loafing around and talking about the ball game. EVIL.

Anonymous said...

Period and comma. Always place periods and commas inside the closing quotation mark, including any nested ones. This is the traditional American style. - Bryan Garner

Anonymous said...

Obama your Mama is the worlds greatest talk show guest on tax dollars.
Another Democratic oversight?
No need to bring partisanship into a Republican bashing right?
You're so leftist with your hated of everything to the right, you should donate your right side, you don't use it anyway................
How do you delineate among the crazy from across the isle?
The Democratic idiots support arguably the most non electable, abhorrent person in history. Yet, you and your kind find Donald bashing a sport of a new level. They will both perform miserably, I was just hoping to see miserable from another perspective. We've seen Hillary miserable for the past 8 years with the idiot up in the house. I suppose the democratic mantra should be: "Same ole shit brand new Twit"? Trump on...............

Anonymous said...

Tweets have caused the implosion of the Republican party!