Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Easiest way to get stopped for speeding in Wise County: (1) Be southbound on 287 with either Colorado plates or with plates from deep south states, (2) Be running around FM 718 or FM 51 in the south part of the county after midnight.
  • New last week down by Austin way was that a deputy might have been ambushed and killed and/or was robbed. Now it looks like he may have shot himself.
  • "Murder Trial Begins For Slayer of Richardson Gay Pornographer". That story is insane. (The bad news is that the link takes you to the Dallas Observer which means your browser will probably ground to a halt.") The link was to Day #1 of the trial. Here is the link for yesterday's Day #2.
  • It's technically a "perq of the job" and not "perk of the job"? I had no idea. 
  • Heard at the courthouse two days ago: "I'm against school uniforms. I think people should be able to flaunt their wealth." The response of those around him: "You feeling OK this morning, buddy?"
  • Las Vegas over/under season wins for Big 12: Baylor at 9, TCU at 8.5, Oklahoma at 10. Texas at 8, Tech at 6.5. (Aggie -- which I still can't believe is in the SEC -- comes in at 8.)
  • It's been over a month since the SMU officer was reportedly swept into Turkey Creek.
  • The High School Graduate Soon To Be Kicked Out Of The House wants to do her own guest edition of Random Thoughts.  Me: "Have you ever read the blog?" Her: "Not a word." Me: "Knock yourself out."
  • The Dallas DA has worked a little over two months this year.
  • Note to Texas deputies: Don't get all liquored up and go shoot your gun off around a church while shirtless. (By the way, if you watch the video, you'll see a DA who overacts for the camera like a professional wrestler. But the arresting agency wasn't exactly thinking when they provided Fox 4 with a photo of a blank wall in response to the news organization's request for a book in photo.)
  • "They don't write good, they don't know how to write good." - Donald Trump to Sean Hannity regarding his opinion of the New York Times
  • Texas times the holding of two a days for football and band perfectly . . . 
  • WBAP's Brian Estridge is advertising a real estate investment trust named, in an Idiocracy sort of way, as "Rich Uncles". Estridge casually tells us it is a "Reg A, Tier 2" trust. Quick, Brian, since you want that organization to manage our hard earned money, tell us what that means. 
  • The President granted commuted the sentence of two Boyd men yesterday. I just saw the news and quickly googled one of the names. I'm so interested.
  • "Don't go there!" - Zachary Thompson, the head of Dallas County Health and Human Services last night on Fox 4 News on how people should handle travel to Miami in light of Zika.  That sounds like calm, thoughtful and rational advise.