The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • "What To Do When You Get Pulled Over - Coffey Anderson PSA"  He sure makes it sound like we should be on pins and needles when we see a cop walking up during a traffic stop. (Admission: I've never heard of Coffey Anderson.) 
  • President Obama heads to Dallas today. History will treat him well. There will always be a segment of the population which is on the wrong side of history. Remember that ad in the Dallas paper and the handbill before JFK's fatal visit?:
  • Photo in Star-Telegram accompanying a story on Open Carry makes me believe that shorts and a handgun is a bad look:
  • In reading the Killing Reagan book, I had completely confused my memory about the Falkland Islands and Grenada. (Quickly: Which one did the U.S invade? Which one did Great Britain invade? Fun fact: Both are off the coast of South America yet are over 4,300 miles apart.)
  • And I had no idea that Fox News head, and possible Gretchen Carlson predator, Roger Ailes came up with Reagan's line of, "I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience." (The book said, however, that Reagan was coached to use a Bob Hope-like pause when delivering it. He didn't.)
  • Trump this morning: "Crime is out of control, and rapidly getting worse." Does he just makes stuff up on the fly?
  • From the Washington Post: "The new ads . . .  are being launched by the pro-Clinton Super PAC Priorities USA, and combine footage of Trump [in his own words] with animation and a [literal] 'WTF' theme, which suggest a particular focus on young voters." Here they are: Chauvinist, Choice, Deportation Force, Climate Change, and Minimum Wage.
  • If Trump picks Newt as VP they, in combination with their wives and ex-wives, will be one short of fielding a baseball team. 
  • A phrase you don't hear any longer: "Just rub some monkey blood on it."
  • I had to take two links out of a new watch and couldn't do it to say my life. (A youtube clip demo'd doing it with a regular hammer and a paperclip. Sheesh.) I finally bought a $6.99 "Watch Band Link Pin Tool Kit" and the job was done in three minutes. A buddy once told me: 90% of any project is having the right tools. True that.
  • "Not enough mental health funding, let the cop handle it. Not enough drug addiction funding, let’s give it to the cops. Here in Dallas we have a loose dog problem. Let’s have the cops chase loose dogs. Schools fail, give it to the cops. 70 percent of the African-American community is being raised by single women, let’s give it to the cops to solve as well. That’s too much to ask. Policing was never meant to solve all those problems." -- Dallas Police Chief Brown who is spot on. 
  • Random stat: This is my 19,121 post. (Not bullet points but total posts.) I'm either disciplined or OCD.