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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The silly tweeting Texas Supreme Court judge lets his interns play Pokeman Go in the supreme court building.
  • "Auschwitz: Please stop playing Pokemon Go at our death camp memorial."  
  • "Too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples while judging ourselves by our best intentions." - George W. Bush yesterday delivering a really great line. (Edit: Just checked He really liked that line.)
  • Cool photo: Air Force One and Air Force Two at Love Field:
  • New Quinnipiac University Poll (which is pretty reliable): "[Trump] is [now] on the upside of too-close to call races in Florida and Pennsylvania and is locked in a dead heat in Ohio." Good lord. Those states are the election.
  • still has Hillary with a 77.4% chance of winning, but I bet that should be skewed down somewhat once they factor in the new polling numbers. By how much depends on whether other data shows similar movement.
  • Random bullet point: (1) Someone sent me a link back in May on Twitter to a country music video featuring "local guys", (2) I actually watched it and came to the conclusion that for some reason I'm always jazzed by a female fiddle player, (3) For some reason the tweet was "liked" by two hookers.
  • Speaking of (hot fiddle player - not hooker):
  • Is this a killer robot reference with a Banksy flowers-not-violence influence? . . .
  • Note to self: I need a haircut.
  • I've always said Wall-E was a rip off of the Short Circuit robot (but this important cause never gained traction.)

  • 107 degrees predicted in Amarillo and Dalhart today.
  • Mark Cuban on the new "deliberate foul" rule: ""Rewarding incompetence is never a good business strategy." Someone on Twitter added for him, "Now excuse me. I've got to go give Harrison Barnes $95 million."
  • Shout out to Craig Miller on The Ticket today going off on Chewbacca Mom's new music video that I went off on two days ago. 
  • Thirty-three people had to be hospitalized in Brooklyn after a bad batch of K2 got out there. That's the direct result of making illegal a plant which grows in dirt. 
  • The body of the SMU officer who reportedly drowned in Turtle Creek has still not been found.
  • "Texas Congressman Ted Poe announces he’s been diagnosed with leukemia." I presume there are varying degrees of leukemia.
  • Have we heard what type of gun was used in the Dallas shooting?