The Campaign For DA


CNN Going All Hipster On Us

Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary this morning.

For all you non-cool kids out there, "tfw" stands for "The feeling when".


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Barry Billingsley, for the translation. Glad to see seven years of college didn't go to waste.

Like we couldn't look it up on the urban dictionary.

Anonymous said...

TFW you no longer recognize your country.

Anonymous said...

Look Green, you are a Hipster douche....don't try to downplay it in such an obvious way. You are also a Bernie fanboy!!!

Anonymous said...

The best part was when Crazy Bernie was talking about income inequality and the haves and have nots, with Crooked Hillary standing beside him, who made over 21 million dollars in 2 years giving speeches to the evil Wall Street and Big Banks and no telling how much selling American interests to foreign investors who would donate to the Clinton Mafia foundation. You can't make this shit up!!!!!

wordkyle said...

So for all his moral posturing, Sanders could be bought after all.

Anonymous said...

TFW I say WTF while SMH then scream OMG!!!

Conservative Hipster named Brittany