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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Ranger game ended at 2:45 a.m. New York time last night.
  • For years I've loved to identify the "Oh, yeah? What about you?" rebuttal to any argument. It sure seems to be in fine form these days because it appears that any of Trump's well deserved criticism is hit with a retort of, "Oh, yeah? What about Hillary?" 
  • The South Texas College of Law announced it would change its name to Houston College of Law and then was promptly sued by the University of Houston for trademark infringement. Maybe they'll just go with Law Hawk School Of Law.
  • I joked yesterday that WFAA would go to 11 day weather forecasts to one up KXAS. Well, Pete Delkus tweeted last night to promote their new 10 day forecasts. It's just a matter of time.
  • I think I control the weather. Every time Lake Bridgeport is still and I take a long kayak journey, the wind will eventually kick up in a violent fashion and blow into me on the way back. (Last night I had to take cover behind an island for a while). 
  • I guy up at the courthouse yesterday was complaining that his son didn't know how to address a letter. That could be a common problem. 
  • The bird who keeps flying into the window because he sees his reflection is still at it. Dumbest. Bird. Ever.
  • The Red Cross had to apologize for this safety poster. (Click here for larger version). 
  • The Tweeting Texas Supreme Court judge yesterday pointed out that his court has never had a decision reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court since he's been in Austin. That's not an accomplishment. The Texas Supreme Court doesn't have criminal jurisdiction and in only the rarest of circumstances deal with federal questions. Bottom line: They don't issue any decisions that the U.S. Supreme Court would typically have jurisdiction over or interest in. (Even yesterday's Texas abortion case didn't go through the Texas Supreme Court.)
  • Donald Trump, who has a hot political opinion about everything, was strangely silent yesterday about the abortion decision. 
  • The Texas Republicans cannot with a straight face say the abortion restrictions were all about women's health. That's a lie but they had to say it to even have a snowball chance in hell of fighting off any court challenge. But former Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who didn't get the memo, tweeted on the night of passage that the purpose of the restrictions were for the purpose of essentially banning abortion. 
  • I don't know if it is true about smartphones but I wouldn't doubt it: "The study found that the average person swipes, taps and pinches their display about 2,617 times a day."
  • The murder by Fort Bend mom of her two daughters on Friday evening is beyond disturbing. The current information is that she reloaded, was set to get married on Monday, and the sheriff's office had been called to the home 12 times in 2012.
  • Buddy Ryan, father of the crazy Ryan Brothers and known for the "Bounty Bowl" and slugging another coach on the Houston sideline, has died.
  • Legendary Tennessee coach Pat Summitt, 64, has died after a battle with dementia. I loved her fire. (On Saturday, at around 12:15, I was listening to ESPN radio where a couple of hosts were talking about her. There was an awkward moment after the female host praised Summitt when the male host replied with, "When anyone battles cancer . . . .". The female host quickly corrected him with, "She suffers from dementia!" He tried to recover by talking about the profound things people say on their deathbeds when their priorities are finally in order. At that point I yelled, "Dude, she has dementia!!!")
  • In 2012, I had a Random Thought about Summitt after Baylor beat Tennessee. She was still the coach but was in such bad shape that she didn't speak in huddles and an assistant handled the post game press conference. 
  • John Wiley Price's trial is delayed again. What happened to the days when if the feds indicted you there would be a trial within three months? 
  • I'm beginning to think I should always wear some type of glasses, safety or otherwise, while fishing. I've had a couple of close calls with a lure flying past my head.