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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Ranger game ended at 2:45 a.m. New York time last night.
  • For years I've loved to identify the "Oh, yeah? What about you?" rebuttal to any argument. It sure seems to be in fine form these days because it appears that any of Trump's well deserved criticism is hit with a retort of, "Oh, yeah? What about Hillary?" 
  • The South Texas College of Law announced it would change its name to Houston College of Law and then was promptly sued by the University of Houston for trademark infringement. Maybe they'll just go with Law Hawk School Of Law.
  • I joked yesterday that WFAA would go to 11 day weather forecasts to one up KXAS. Well, Pete Delkus tweeted last night to promote their new 10 day forecasts. It's just a matter of time.
  • I think I control the weather. Every time Lake Bridgeport is still and I take a long kayak journey, the wind will eventually kick up in a violent fashion and blow into me on the way back. (Last night I had to take cover behind an island for a while). 
  • I guy up at the courthouse yesterday was complaining that his son didn't know how to address a letter. That could be a common problem. 
  • The bird who keeps flying into the window because he sees his reflection is still at it. Dumbest. Bird. Ever.
  • The Red Cross had to apologize for this safety poster. (Click here for larger version). 
  • The Tweeting Texas Supreme Court judge yesterday pointed out that his court has never had a decision reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court since he's been in Austin. That's not an accomplishment. The Texas Supreme Court doesn't have criminal jurisdiction and in only the rarest of circumstances deal with federal questions. Bottom line: They don't issue any decisions that the U.S. Supreme Court would typically have jurisdiction over or interest in. (Even yesterday's Texas abortion case didn't go through the Texas Supreme Court.)
  • Donald Trump, who has a hot political opinion about everything, was strangely silent yesterday about the abortion decision. 
  • The Texas Republicans cannot with a straight face say the abortion restrictions were all about women's health. That's a lie but they had to say it to even have a snowball chance in hell of fighting off any court challenge. But former Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who didn't get the memo, tweeted on the night of passage that the purpose of the restrictions were for the purpose of essentially banning abortion. 
  • I don't know if it is true about smartphones but I wouldn't doubt it: "The study found that the average person swipes, taps and pinches their display about 2,617 times a day."
  • The murder by Fort Bend mom of her two daughters on Friday evening is beyond disturbing. The current information is that she reloaded, was set to get married on Monday, and the sheriff's office had been called to the home 12 times in 2012.
  • Buddy Ryan, father of the crazy Ryan Brothers and known for the "Bounty Bowl" and slugging another coach on the Houston sideline, has died.
  • Legendary Tennessee coach Pat Summitt, 64, has died after a battle with dementia. I loved her fire. (On Saturday, at around 12:15, I was listening to ESPN radio where a couple of hosts were talking about her. There was an awkward moment after the female host praised Summitt when the male host replied with, "When anyone battles cancer . . . .". The female host quickly corrected him with, "She suffers from dementia!" He tried to recover by talking about the profound things people say on their deathbeds when their priorities are finally in order. At that point I yelled, "Dude, she has dementia!!!")
  • In 2012, I had a Random Thought about Summitt after Baylor beat Tennessee. She was still the coach but was in such bad shape that she didn't speak in huddles and an assistant handled the post game press conference. 
  • John Wiley Price's trial is delayed again. What happened to the days when if the feds indicted you there would be a trial within three months? 
  • I'm beginning to think I should always wear some type of glasses, safety or otherwise, while fishing. I've had a couple of close calls with a lure flying past my head. 


Anonymous said...

Her daughter was set to get married in three days, not the crazy mom. I read the oldest daughter's fb page and she has also had a lot of mental problems...I am sure due to being raised by an evil witch of a mother. Men really need to be careful who they pick to be the mother of their children.

Anonymous said...

A little mix up on Phillips/Ryan

RatherBeSailing said...

Everybody is speechless.

Anonymous said...

Apologizing for a safety sign? I GUESS there too many kids "of color" that were "Not Cool"? I can't imagine anything else being offensive, or I missed it! Talk about political correctness gone wild (enuff to make you throw up).

Anonymous said...

Price's trial was delayed at the request of the defense due to the volume of evidence that they hadn't bothered to read yet.

Anonymous said...

Someone has too much time to notice what color the kids are in the pool. Political correctness gone too far again.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, yeah? What about you?" - It actually goes both ways with Clinton and Trump, but what would we really expect from you, if not biased.

JWP - Lawyers gotta get paid, right?

The scathing Bengazi report comes out and not a single comment? The your Democratic love affair with Hillary may be at an end.

Stay Classy

whisky O said...

If it's just about saving babies, that's OK

wordkyle said...

LOL at your whining about the "What about Hillary?" remarks. 1) In a two-person race, if you want to discuss the possible results, you're forced to say "What's my alternative?" 2) Ninety-nine percent of negative news stories are about Trump. The only response possible in light of such overwhelming media bias is "but what about Hillary?" 3) When was the last time you heard a late night comedian make jokes about Hillary's breach of security with her e-mail, or about the FBI investigation of her (and her State Department's) corruption? Or her ongoing lies regarding both?

So the typical exchange might look something like this:
A: "Trump is an egomaniacal, lying, bigoted, misogynistic blowhard."
B: "But what about Hillary? She's an egomaniacal, lying, bigoted (remember the fake black accent when she talks to black audiences) blowhard who helped destroy the women who her husband sexually abused, revealed sensitive government information to foreign agencies (and lone hackers,) and sold her influence (along with her husband's) to the highest bidder while being 4th in line to the presidency. Oh, and a colossal failure as secretary of state."

The Texas abortion clinic law was as much about women's health as abortionists are. Legislators wanted to make it inconvenient for a woman to have an abortion, and abortionists solve the "inconvenience" of allowing an unborn baby to live.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the "What about you" rebuttal, if it is the first response, is deflecting and bad form. However, if after discussing the point initially raised, that rebuttal is then used, it is one way to raise the point of hypocrisy. To be vocally opposed to a particular behavior by a member of one party, but silent to similar behavior by a member of the other party, is not criticism of the behavior, but rather simply choosing sides. That goes both ways in political discussions, and it is common for persons to be OK when their guy does it, and be opposed only when the other team does it.

Anonymous said...

Started out bashing Trump, nothing new.
Then moved on to a "race carded poster" meant to save lives, you missed that too.

Then finished by stating "JW Price trial had been delayed" without any Trump like criticism....

Being like you (in this instance)...I only focused on the line above that, where "in 2012, you had a random thought".

That was the only bullet point I needed to read...finally we agree :)

Anonymous said...


"you don't need no stinking glasses"...the rose colored one's you have on, are working just fine...

Anonymous said...

If you need safety glasses to fish, you're doing it wrong

Anonymous said...

Why would making it more difficult to get an abortion be anything to be concerned about?

You have a human being, within the US, that is killed, without any due process. Is that OK with anyone, but especially you BG?

SCOTUS developed a "right" to an abortion, out of whole cloth.

Then you have an actual enumerated right to bear arms.

It seems libtards find it offensive to regulate the made up right, but have no problem whatsoever limiting the actual, written plainly, right.

Do you believe that is screwed up?

wordkyle said...

1040 - Well said.

Anonymous said...

The lunatic is in the hall.
The lunatics are in my hall.
The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
And every day the paper boy brings more.

Brain Damage - Pink Floyd

And so it goes

Anonymous said...

10:40 --

Outstanding reply, but it does make one realize how callous we have become in regard to getting rid of personal inconveniences like pregnancy.

If we can kill innocents by the millions with such ease, what does that have to say about us all in general?

It's madness.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I get why it is "not cool" to dive off the DIVING board, or swim with a big grin.

mzchief said...

RE: "Oh, yeah? What about you?"

You do realize that Hillary's primary defense for having, in direct violation of DoS regulations, used a private server, that lacked adequate security, to transmit higher than Top Secret documents, is that "Other Secretaries of State have used private e-mail accounts."???

Obama and his surrogates have frequently said "Bush did it." as a means to defend countless actions taken by Obama.

To pretend that Trump is the only one to use the "Oh, yeah? What about you?" excuse/defense is nothing short of dishonest.

disclaimer: I personally think Trump is a steaming pile of BULLSH!T and EXACTLY what Republicans deserve. That being said, I personally believe Hillary is a steaming pile of HORSESH!T and EXACTLY what the Democrats deserve. However, the United States and the World deserves neither.

Anonymous said...

John Wiley should buy a business on the Decatur square, and move to wise.

Anonymous said...

Ok, those kids are black, just imagine how loud and annoying they are. That is why it is not cool! The white kids can do those things without creating so much "look at me" nigger drama!

Anonymous said...

When they start revoking your law license because of your whiteness, and to meet racial quotas for black and Hispanic attorneys, you might long for the "what about you" argument!

Anonymous said...

"Obama and his surrogates have frequently said "Bush did it." as a means to defend countless actions taken by Obama."

Actually, it's "Bush did worse", because you can't point to an improving economy and jobs report and say "Bush did it", because he didn't.

Personally, I use it to ask why people hate Obama so much. He has essentially the same domestic and foreign policy as Bush, yet with a better economy and more jobs. What's not to like?

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to make a meme with this little girl running from that picture of Green that he used to promote himself for election. The one with the hideous mustache which should make EVERYONE run for their life. YIKES!

Anonymous said...

Ranger game was priceless! Joe Girardi is a baby! Waaa! Waaa! Hello 50 wins and first place......still! #nevereverquit
We still kicked your ass.

Anonymous said...

"It sure seems to be in fine form these days because it appears that any of Trump's well deserved criticism is hit with a retort of, "Oh, yeah? What about Hillary?"

The problem counselor, is that for a so called Libertarian like yourself, there are plenty of reasons to critique Billary, yet you never do. A true Libertarian is disgusted by the offerings of both parties this year.

With respect to abortion, the law is the law. But the pro choice people who celebrate the right to kill a fetus are sick. Yet these hypocrites wring their hands about gun violence in the affluent areas...but no so much about gun violence in the inner city.

wordkyle said...

"...improving economy and jobs report..." - LOL Yeah, in Obama's last year in office, after seven years of doing every Democrat thing possible to brutalize the economy.

Anonymous said...

The bird vs the window: Not it's reflection, but the worm on the other side has it's attention.

Anonymous said...

Ok, which one of you 13 year old girls taught Wordkyle what LOL means?

Anonymous said...

And ,BG you wonder why you had no chance of being elected in a majority Republican county. Libertarian my ass

Anonymous said...

"doing every Democrat thing possible to brutalize the economy."

Well, maybe Bush should have tried to brutalize the economy and we wouldn't have had one of the largest recessions in history under his watch? Again, it seems like Obama has done what Bush tried to do--improve the economy, by whatever means.

Anonymous said...


WTH are you talking about?

Double Fake Bum Phillips

Anonymous said...


WK....can't get no......satisfaction....on his own blog so he posts here any chance he gets.

If asked how much 2+2 equals, WK will say the Republicans will say 4, but the Democrats will say we need to expand Obamacare.

In other words, he twists the question to match his responses.

Double Fake Mick Jagger

Anonymous said...

Buddy Ryan also has two Super Bowl rings and punked the hell out of Tom Landry. Twice.

Anonymous said...

The scathing Bengazi (sic) report comes out and not a single comment?

Scathing to who? This report had nothing new from the 7 other reports. The biggest discovery is Republicans have wasted Millions of dollars on a political witch hunt.

Anonymous said...

Hillary, please pick Liz Pocohontas Warren for VP. She makes less sense and sounds just like Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...


Actually, the recession, officially, was over before Bush left office. Of course, to know that, you would have to know the definition of a recession.

But, Obama did preside over the weakest recovery in US history. His average GDP has been 1.4%. Since last quarter was 0.8%, he likely will not improve on that by years end.

Bush's average GDP was 2.2%. Not great, but better than King O.

Obama will leave office as the only US president to never record even one quarter of 3% GDP. Miserable.

History may prove him even worse than Jimmy freaking Carter.

Art Laffer

Anonymous said...

Regarding the wonderful economy:

During my campaign for the ... presidential nomination, I’ve visited 46 states. What I saw and heard on too many occasions were painful realities that the political and media establishment fail even to recognize.

In the last 15 years, nearly 60,000 factories in this country have closed, and more than 4.8 million well-paid manufacturing jobs have disappeared. Much of this is related to disastrous trade agreements that encourage corporations to move to low-wage countries.

Despite major increases in productivity, the median male worker in America today is making $726 dollars less than he did in 1973, while the median female worker is making $1,154 less than she did in 2007, after adjusting for inflation.."

Donald Trump? No. Bernie Sanders in today's New York Times

wordkyle said...

508 - Please give examples on which you base your opinion. Things I've actually said, though. (P.S. You're still riding that thing about my blog? Aren't you sore by now?)

439 - Sorry, Mr. History Re-Writer, it doesn't work that way. After the unpleasantness in 2001 -- you do remember that, don't you? -- the economy recovered quite nicely, and relatively quickly. People were actually employed (remember those days?) Do you recall back when, under George W. Bush, the GDP expanded over 3% a year? (If not, it's understandable. It hasn't happened since Obama took office.)

Obama (and his Democrat surrogates) doubled down on the federal debt he previously called "treason." He (and they) created uncertainty among businesses with both actual and threatened taxes and regulation. He (and they) used their governmental power to award Chrysler to their union allies (and thus laundering money to themselves.) All of which are among the "Democrat" economy destroyers I mentioned previously.

Sorry for the length of the response. Just keeping the record straight, pal.

mrjohnson.3516 said...

Barry, get an owl cutout and tape to the center of the window.
We used to have the same problem with Cardinals and this worked for us.

jon spencer said...

Polarized, UV blocking sunglasses are what you want to wear while kayaking.
With them, you can see into the water.
Also the UV reflecting off can damage your eyes if not protected.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you can say with a straight face that abortion is all about the child's health.

Anonymous said...

BG--Here are some excellent methods of solving your bird problem from one of my favorite magazines:

Anonymous said...

6:03, the fact that you have to resort to name calling and saying Warren sounds like Palin just proves you know absolutely nothing about Elizabeth Warren. If it were up to her there would be criminal prosecution of the bankers responsible for the financial meltdown and bailout.