The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • More Texas county judge problems: "A state panel suspended Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal without pay Tuesday after he was charged with violating Texas' open meetings law while developing a bond measure for new and improved roads.The move by the State Commission on Judicial Review came four days after a grand jury indicted Doyal, two county commissioners and an adviser, alleging that they circumvented the Texas Open Meetings Act by talking in private about . . .  a $280 million [bond] proposal . . . . " I didn't know that Judicial Review panel had jurisdiction over a county administrative judge.  (By the way, he makes over $170,000 a year.)
  • Add that to the Rockwall County judge getting a DWI and it looks like our own Wise County Judge J.D. Clark needs to step up his game. 
  • Johnny Football says he will start sobriety on July 1st once he is through partying in Cabo. I have full confidence that he will stop drinking on July 1st. I also have full confidence he will start drinking again later on July 1st. 
  • The great has come out with its first prediction for the presidential election. They give Hillary and 80% chance and Trump a 20% chance. It's over. (And the data on that site is amazing.)
  • "A Democratic candidate for Dallas district attorney signed a dismissal motion in a criminal case that has led to allegations of bribery [and a soon-to-be-conviction of a DA investigator who took the money], WFAA-TV (Channel 8) reported Wednesday." The prosecutor isn't accused of wrongdoing but that's a headache he didn't need.
  • "Clock boy" Ahmed Mohamed is back in the U.S. after being in Qatar. Trump's response:
  • Heisman runner-up and number one overall NFL pick Andrew Luck signed a new contract with the Colts with $87 million guaranteed. Heisman winner and second overall pick Robert Griffin III's contract signed a few months back has $6.75 million guaranteed.  
  • DPS has issued their annual Fourth of July press release that has this safety tip: "Do not use personal fireworks."  Explain to me why they are telling me I should not engage in legal activity? 
  • The Chico High School principal resigned after one year?
  • The High School Graduate In The House (sheesh) and I ran into each other in the kitchen this morning at 5:15 a.m. I pointed out she was all decked out and ready to go (as to where I had no idea). She replied, "Ya gotta get up early if you're gonna rob a bank."  
  • Crazy legal opinion of the day: Two Texas lawyers are married. Man cheats. Wife "purportedly" sets up fake online profile to bait him. Other men respond instead. She has sex with four of them. Man finds out and then extorts a ton of cash out of the men. Both end up being convicted for "theft by coercion."  Interestingly, the two have quite the history which includes a bankruptcy and big cash being tossed around.
  • I have been of the belief for quite some time that people of of all ages and backgrounds are being shaken down in elaborate schemes after trysts involving online meetings.
  • Thirty years ago I took a bus ride from Dallas to Waco. I was young and stupid and a cheapskate. Never again.