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Random Wednesday Afternoon Thoughts

  • I had an interesting evening loaded with lots of places to be. Parent/Teacher Meeting, Band Concert and a Meeting (that I missed). But before that -- this happened. Good times.
  • What a strange world I live in. During the band concert, my mother points to her Apple Watch. There's an update that Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race.
  • The dear, sweet BagofNothing guy tweeted this awesome gif of awkwardness.
  • Johnny Manziel is due in court tomorrow.
  • This is why I love softball because of plays like this. I would love to see more than just 30 seconds though. You know that crowd is going bonkers on both sides.
  • Be nice to truckers and also coworkers. This was one disgruntled employee and a very sad ending.
  • I get a lot of phone calls from coworkers that I wish would send an email instead.
  • Woman gets arrested for drug possession. They found heroin, meth, oh, and the remains of her unborn child. "All I ever wanted was to be a mother and a good wife," Bernadette said.
  • The random thoughts are a smidge late....I blame the car. Also, I'm incredibly lucky the tire didn't blow on my round trip to Austin Saturday. Sheesh.
  • Another Repeat RTG. You're welcome.
  • May the Fourth Be With You Today.