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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Bozo can be found here.
  • Yup, I'm late on the RT today. I'm not the hardest working woman in the business. I had to take the 7th grader in the house to school. Normally, that's the job of the 12th grader in the house or Mr. LL. I left 7 minutes later than she demanded. I got heavy sighs all the way to school.
  • From the Update today:   APRIL RAINFALL – Wise County received 6.84 inches of rain in April, making it the wettest April since 1998. That was also more than double the average rainfall amount of 3.37 inches. Temperatures in the month ranged from a low of 34 degrees on April 3 to a high of 87 on April 4.
  • And the very next line: SLIGHT RAIN CHANCE – After a sunny day with a high of 72 degrees this afternoon, a 20 percent chance of rain is in tonight’s forecast.
  • I'm not sure what I think about the bathroom issue. I'm leaning towards not wanting to see a male walk in behind one of my female children.
  • I'm thinking the Texas Tech boys behaved badly, but I also have trouble with an opposing team's cheer girls taunting from their side.
  • I got to watch a small portion of the Rangers game last night. Not as fun to watch as softball, but it'll do.
  • And for your strange news of the day, a woman born with two female parts.
  • That's all you get for now, if you behave yourselves, then I'll make up for it with more around lunchtime.