The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • "Dallas" is up for adoption. I think my mom needs to check this fella out. She's been looking.
  • Senior in the House--- Mom: Finish this, "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends...." 
  • 7th Grader in the House- Mom: "Why did the cops go to the school?" Me: Why? "Because there was a KID...NAPping." 
  • I heard Junior on The Ticket talk about drinking your own urine as a health thing a couple of days ago. Come on, that is gross beyond belief. Is there anyone out there that would seriously drink it? I'm not sure I could even if it was a survival thing. It's waste from my body. 
  • The murder case in Midlothian will probably speed up tremendously now that they are tapping in to her social media accounts. Am I shocked to learn that the may have had financial and marital problems? No. I'm still going with the husband being the source. "......anticipates more warrants in the coming days for Bevers' Facebook and Twitter accounts, and even Tolltag data. Police will also determine whether she had life insurance."
  • Did I read in the comments that BOZO from a couple of days ago was adopted? Please tell me I was the reason he found a home. If so, anyone interested in The Fat Cat in The House? He's kinda similar to these kittens. I'm kidding about him being similar to those kittens, but I'm not kidding about him needing a home. Apparently we are a one cat home. The Family Cat objects daily to the Fat Cat. 
  • He's neutered, likes the 7th Grader in the House and will come with a chip.
  • A man from Abilene happens to be a huge fan of The Foo Fighters. In fact, he is so much a fan that he wants to buy Dave Grohl. He's already received almost $1000 in just two days.
  • Ok, maybe I'm not as flawless grammatically as I proclaim myself to be. Then again, I'd like to have you look over anything in my job that I spend more time on. I dare you find a mistake. Wait, I recall a certain office manager that I dared to find mistakes. She returned my letter with red marks all over it. I'll just stick to claiming my grammar is better than Barry's.
  • Motorcycle death on I635 yesterday.
  • Speaking of, Barry is doing better. Barry and I are both very thankful for every well wish, positive thought, encouraging email and prayer. Once back, I'm sure he'll tell you all about the last month or so. And yes, I pinky promise he'll be back to making you laugh, curse and comment like never before very soon.
  • Tomorrow is Prom and the same day that the Senior in the House officially becomes Another Adult in the House. Off.