The Campaign For DA


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It's still Mrs. LL blogging.
  • The 7th Grader in the House won State! Ok, maybe she had a little help from a few other girls. She even played with an eye injury. She got kicked in the eyeball accidentally by her bff during their "recess" time the day before. It looks pretty gross. I almost tweeted a picture. 
  • I will lock on to college softball game if I see one on tv. In a heartbeat.  
  • I understand The Cowboys drafted a Baylor basketball player. Yes, basketball. Who does Jerry Jones thinks he is, Jack Lengyel? I'll need The Self Proclaimed Sports Expert to explain that one to me.
  • I saw that Blackie Sherrod died. He was actually the inspiration for Mr. LL's Skattershooting that he wrote while DA. I never understood why he used a "k" instead of a "c". 
  • Ok, even I am stunned by Trump. How has this even been possible? Seriously. 
  • Shocking six dead in Palestine flash flooding. Sheesh.
  • I went for a walk in an Arlington Park (to look for a geocache) and saw an actual beaver swimming around. Two minutes later an armadillo crossed within five feet of me on the sidewalk. 
  • This month, the number of Texas residents that have a CHL will top 1 million. One million. 
  • This week we make final preparations for The Dreaded Prom. It's only dreaded because it's the same day The Senior In The House turns into an adult. I'm not the crier in the house, but I've done more than my fair share this year with all the "Last. ____". 
  • I can report from the Traveling Liberally Lean Gangster Automobile that traffic on I35 between DFW and Austin really sucks. Sucks, bad. Is the concept of "left lane passing only" such a hard thing to grasp? 
  • I'm told that there is not a single natural gas well working the Barnett Shale. Not one. Is that true?
  • Wise County Animal Shelters gets all sorts:

  • RTG: 1.) I cheated. She's a repeat. 2.) Don't expect that gender daily. 3.) Cute Animal. 4.) Hot guy.