The Campaign For DA


The Campaign For DA In 2016

 All of the above were created by blog readers who are creative and funny
  • How I ended up an Independent after a crazy weekend. (With an attachment of my reflections back in 2000 when I decided to step down as DA).
  • I'm going to need supporters to help me out in order to get on the ballot. I need 500 signatures. Here is what you can do. 
  • My legal background
  • Wise County Messenger interview on why I am doing this.
  • Jacksboro newspaper article on why I am doing this. 
  • Funny blog post where readers made suggestions on how to campaign.
  • Campaign donations? My goal is to not collect a dime and do this on my own. 
  • This is critical: You can vote straight ticket but still place a vote that trumps the straight ticket in that specific race. 
  • Oh, and this actual post from the official Texas prosecutor message board:
Edit: I forgot to mention that I have "appeared" (literally, at least) before the Supreme Court: