Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't know anything about business, but there is news today that Dow Chemical and DuPont have agreed on a merger. For some reason, that makes me nervous. It's like a Chemical Superpower.
  • I anointed Baltimore Oriole Chris Davis the Official Liberally Lean Baseball Player a few years back. He had been with the Rangers but got bounced back and forth from the active roster and minor league. He could just never put it all together. He is now a free agent he has "a $150 million, seven-year offer from Baltimore, which would average $21.42 million a year." 
  • Mrs. LL recorded an old movie for me: The Life of David Gale. I had never seen it and it is really, really good (I still have some more to watch.) And we both agreed that we might need to consider Kevin Spacey the greatest actor of this generation. (Side note: I've always had a thing for Kate Winslet who is also in the movie.)
  • "Gov. Greg Abbott has agreed to spend up to $2.7 million in taxpayer funds to bring . . .  WrestleMania to Texas next year." I think government has lost its mind. 
  • In my first year as DA in 1993, I cut my budget by $5,000. I didn't ask for an increase in anything and there was a line item for attorney fees for appellate work to be done by "outside counsel." Outside counsel? I had been elected to work. Why hire someone else? I could do appellate work. And I did. 
  • Someone accused me of an ethical violation for the post below because they thought I was trying to influence a potential jury panel. So are you saying this blog could influence people?
  • So UT Austin is proposing banning guns from dorms but not from classrooms? That would seem to be a very complicated policy if you are gun toting dorm resident. 
  • I mentioned I was in Love Field a couple of months back and saw a couple of kids flying all over the place on "hover boards".  They are now in the process of being banned because they seem to be catching fire all over the country.
  • "Mark Cuban wants Apple to boot Twitter from its app store until Twitter finds a better way of removing 'objectionable' tweets, images and videos from its platform." He might want to focus on the Mavs, Shark Tank, or Jenga. (That last one is a huge call back joke which no one will get.)
  • Forbes: "Drug Kingpin El Chapo Guzmán Reportedly Threatens To Retaliate Against ISIS." There is some reports that it's a hoax but I hope not. That would be better than Wrestlemania.