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Breaking: Man Has Been Called By God To Run For Wise County Sheriff

Photo stolen from the great Joe Duty

Excerpts from this week's Messenger:

On deciding to run for office "He didn’t hear anything for a few weeks, but while driving back from his mom’s house in Slidell one day, listening to a Christian program on the radio, Brandon Davis said he got his answer. “It said this was the platform I want you to use to spread my Gospel,” Davis said. “And I can’t argue with that.”

“If God wants me to be the sheriff, I’m going to be the sheriff, it doesn’t matter who votes. That’s just the bottom line. And it may not be His mission for me. But nonetheless, I’ve been called to do it,”

(Credit to the person who emailed the article with the subject line being: "Welcome to Crazy Town")

P.S. Everyone go buy a copy of the paper in order to keep them from suing me.