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Warrant Roundup: My Annual Rant

This is just a bluff to make you scramble to pay your tickets.  You think they are actually coming to your house to enforce a Class C traffic ticket warrant? No way. And in the one in a million chance they do, don't answer the door -- there's nothing they can do.

And if any of these warrant are for major offenses, why in the world would they notify the suspect ahead of time?

(Since all these folks are on the clock, how much did this photo-op of a government threat cost the taxpayer?)

Edit: I forgot to do a pre-emptive strike against the "So you want people not to pay their fines?" goofballs. Yes, this post about government lying to you with an intimidating photo  was really a clandestine way of me supporting people who don't pay their fines. Sheesh.  If I said a shoplifter should not be shot dead must also mean I support shoplifting?

(And if you have an outstanding fine, you'll pay the piper when you get stopped for a traffic violation or try to renew your license. That's why the cops don't come to your house to arrest you for a traffic ticket. They'll eventually get their money.)


Anonymous said...

Not sure about a large municipality like Dallas or Dallas County, but I have multiple coworkers that have been picked up on traffic warrants in smaller towns as a part of these roundups. One was picked up at his home for warrants in Arlington.

Anonymous said...

How much are you costing the taxpayers by advising people to not pay their fines?
Do you feel better now that you have given us a fine example of you legal expertise?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, why should they have to pay tickets? Why should anyone have to obey the law at all? I mean, really...just do what you want. If that included driving 100 miles per hour on bald tires and not getting stopped by an awful, mean, money-grubbing cop before you plow into a vehicle containing a Decatur family, crushing and burning them all so they can watch each other die...then that's the way it ought to be gosh darn it. It's your God given right to do as you wish with no consequences. No more cops!!! No more laws!!!

Anonymous said...

Good law advice!

Anonymous said...

Just because you committed a crime doesn't mean you're guilty.

Anonymous said...

I have a fence around my enitre house, complete with two cute furry overtrained Rotties. Bring it.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they all don't have their guns drawn and pointed at the camera. It could have made national headline news...which would have aided in collection of revenue.

They will get their money and some will get to do time.

Doesn't look like many happy campers in there.

Anonymous said...

These pigs think they're righteous! Shout out to the general public: it's time to stop paying fines, fees and taxes. We have a government that has broken the social contract with the common citizen. It is only by the force of stormtroopers that we are made to obey now. The law is distributed and interpreted by losers and people on the take.

Anonymous said...

Keep talking, counselor.

I've arrested so many people at their houses and workplaces during Warrant Round-Ups, over tickets that they didn't pay.

Why don't you try telling your clients to respond to the court with a plea within 10 business days, and then getting the court to work with them?

PRO-TIP TO BARRY'S READERS: Even if you're guilty as sin and know that you'll have to pay, but don't have the money to pay, respond early to the court. After the time has passed, those courts won't budge on working with you. But if you show up early and ask for a payment plan, or a continuance, or whatever, they will let you put off the payment for quite a while. Talk politely and even pleasantly to the court clerk, and you may be surprised at how much leeway you get.

--Not A Revenue Generator (seriously)

Anonymous said...

Pay the ticket. You will get pulled over some time in the rest of your life and the cop will have to arrest you because of the warrant. You will end up in jail for at least 24 hours and you will have to explain to your employer why you are absent from work. You did the deed just pay for the ticket, it's just practical. It doesn't mean you are giving in to the "man".

Anonymous said...

Don't pay. Don't cooperate until the constitution is restored and we are guaranteed protections against over-zealous police and their buddies in the courts. It's ironic -- we live in a country governed by criminals posing as officials all under the overbearing weight of too many rules and regulations. We are over-regulated and over-taxed.

Anonymous said...

1229 does not have a career