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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Forgot to mention it yesterday: Kudos to Sarah Palin for willing to make fun of herself on the Saturday Night Live anniversary show. 
  • "Every line of this movie should be memorized instead of watching that crap." - Me last night in response to someone in the Family Unit wanting to watch The Bachelor as we were watching the Phantom Of The Opera. I don't know if I should be proud of myself or embarrassed. 
  • I didn't hear much about "The American Sniper" trial yesterday, but I thought I saw a Texas Ranger testify who was named Ron Pettigrew. Wasn't he a trooper assigned to Wise County at one point?
  • Watched some more of Black Mirror over the weekend.  Can't recommend it enough. I love stuff that makes me think
  • I received two birthday presents over a week ago which have been sitting there on the kitchen counter unopened. It is driving everyone else nuts that I won't open them. And all I say in response is "Discipline." 
  • Chico ISD has called a $7 million bond election.  Question: Is government the biggest employer in Chico? 
  • We used to fear the USSR hitting us with nuclear weapons. You know what I fear now? A cyber attack.  I tried to come up with examples of what it would be like but my mind just raced. 
  • "Weatherman goes crazy over thunder during snowstorm."  I saw this yesterday and couldn't believe people thought it was worthy of watching.  That's a guy trying way too hard. 
  • The Cowboys will end up putting the franchise tag on Dez Bryant. 
  • I think Facebook has become a place where everyone posts four year old videos. 
  • As I listen to far right wingers on TV and radio, one thing has dawned on me: They want people to be either pure or evil.  They want Chris Kyle to be flawless. They want "Mama Bear" to be beyond reproach. Hey, I'll admit it, I do to. But I don't how you can live in this world past elementary school and not realize every person is composed of grey.