Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm willing to bet that the "White" and "Power" signs at the Flower Mound basketball game was just the result of happenstance instead of a concerted effort.
  • I posted yesterday that I thought the Cowboys would put the franchise tag on Dez Bryant. Then hours later Stephen Jones said, "Right now we're probably leaning that way." Well, it looks like I've got my Sports Genius mojo back.
  • Love this in the Update today: "A suspected drunk driver who ran into the back of a Wise County Sheriff’s Department patrol car early Monday morning was arrested and charged with intoxicated assault causing serious bodily injury of a peace officer. . . .[The deputy,] who was diverting traffic onto an access road at Pioneer Road due to an earlier accident, was not seriously injured." (And in case they get mad at me for this: "Read more in the midweek Wise County Messenger on newsstands today.")
  • In "The American Sniper" trial, prosecutors "entered drug paraphernalia as evidence on Friday, saying that a hookah, pipes, leafy substance and vials of a clear liquid were all found at Routh’s home." What does that have to with whether he killed Chris Kyle? Isn't that clearly "extraneous offenses" which almost all the time are inadmissible?  (Amazingly, we later learned the vials weren't found in Routh's home despite the testimony of the Texas Ranger. In the long run, the error won't make a difference but that's a major screw up.) 
  • Cops shot a guy in the parking lot of Buck's Cabaret last night in north Fort Worth.  I always say, "Nothing good happens at a strip club at 2:30 a.m. on a Tuesday night in mid-February."
  • Had the greatest joy last week when a BMW blew past me on 287 and a couple of minutes later a trooper zoomed past me as well on his was to stop them. (As the BMW passed me, I remember thinking, "Buddy, you're on 287. In Wise County. This will not end well.")
  • Man, there are a lot of DPS troopers in Wise County who have been assigned to long stints on the border for immigration enforcement. They hate that, right? 
  • Do large oil field companies have to give 60 days notice before they lay someone off? "In Dallas, attorney Allen Vaught has amassed hundreds of clients among the laid-off ranks and has filed lawsuits against companies including Patterson-UTI and smaller firms GoFrac in Fort Worth and Brazos Rock in Weatherford." Is that former Bridgeport resident Allen Vaught?
  • My favorite radio show told me this morning that we just missed the date that Marty McFly programmed the Delorean to travel to in Back To The Future II. Nope. That actual date is October 21, 2015. There are so many doctored photos from the movie on the Internet that the mistake is common. 
  • When "Dance Moms" came on last night, I went to bed and told Mrs. LL to please tell me later if anyone yelled at each other on the show. 
  • Is this 1960s program for Cubs/Astros real? (Hint: A baby cub drinking LSD?)