Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • That was a really entertaining U.S. soccer game at the World Cup yesterday although I don't understand why a guy has to be hauled off on a stretcher for a hamstring injury like he's been shot. (But that broken nose suffered by Clint Dempsey looked like it hurt. Badly.)
  • Someone explain this to me: The Rangers Double AA Frisco team is being purchased by Chuck Greenberg? So a minor league team is owned by someone who doesn't control which players are on his team? I've always thought the owner(s) of the major league franchise owned all the minor league teams as well. 
  • 660AM's Mark Davis wants to send troops back into Iraq. Even his crazy right wing listeners are calling in to tell him he's nuts. 
  • Man, some guy on Hannity's panel discussion last night said that if a lawyer believes his client is guilty then he is obligated to withdraw. That's idiotic yet no one called him on it. (They were dogging Hillary for representing someone in a criminal case 40 years ago.)
  • The person who failed to yield the right of way in Arlington and was then involved in a crash that ended up killing a baby in a stroller on the sidewalk will only receive a citation. It's amazing because I was beginning to believe law enforcement no longer believed that sometimes accidents simply happen. 
  • I didn't know that a Howard Stern fan prank called Peter Jennings live on the air at the end of the O.J. Simpson chase. (Today is the actual 20th anniversary.) 
  • Random DWI book in photo from Denton: She looks like she was in a cat fight. 
  • When I heard former Cowboy Marion Barber was being observed for mental issues, I thought about this gal I saw in line at Cowboys Stadium five years ago. 
  • Motorcycle death at 820 and I-35 last night. Edit: Okay, make that a motorist killed. My bad. Although there was a bad motorcycle wreck at 35 and University in Denton this morning.