Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • There is an obituary notice out of Ohio which lists a survivor as "Mark Schomburg of Oklahoma". I bet that's the guy that was convicted of murder in Wise County two years ago.
  • There was  couple of lengthy sentences out of Tarrant County last week in connection with the very bizarre murder at a Tanglewood home a couple of years back. It is a crazy, crazy story.
  • I watched a little bit of Pet Semetary yesterday. Man, I had forgotten how dark it was -- not often do you have a movie allowing a little boy to be killed twice. (But it made me look up the great Fred Gwynne where I learned (1) he had a very high tone upbringing, and (2) The Munsters was only on for two seasons but those two seasons consisted of 70 episodes.)
  • The Wise County Democratic Chairperson is after Phil King for not reporting $37,000 in campaign donations.
  • For some reason as I was going to sleep last night Mrs. LL decided to check everyone's blood pressure and sugar count. 
  • Yeah, keeping troops in Iraq would be the exact same thing as keeping them in Japan and South Korea. That's idiotic. 
  • And I got mad at Bush all over again as I thought about his "Let Freedom Reign" note in response to learning that Iraq was "sovereign" in 2004.
  • Casey Kasem died over the weekend. I was an incredible American Top 40 fan when I was a kid and couldn't wait to turn on the radio after I got home from church. 
  • If the Family Pup does something wrong and we say, "Bad dog!", she'll wait until we aren't looking and then go to an upstairs bedroom and sulk. It may be one of the saddest/sweetest things I've ever seen.
  • World Cup: That diving header from the guy from Spain was fantastic -- and the ball traveled 50 yards in the air before it happened. 
  • Johnny Football dropping an F Bomb and looking like a guy who will be a disaster in the NFL. And I'm now at the point of wanting that to happen. 
  • I'm trying to make Mrs. LL watch The Wire, and I got her through the first episode. I'm telling her to stick with it but it would help if fifty major characters weren't introduced at a rapid pace. (I started making a flow chart to keep up. And I've seen it before.) 
  • But she did laugh at one line about the War on Drugs: "You can't even think of this [deleted] as a war." "Why not?" "Wars end."
  • For some reason on Friday I decided to record A Football Life on the 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers and then their coach died over the weekend.