Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I guess I can't dispute these reports of an influx of women and children illegal crossing the border but, if true, shouldn't there be a shocking number of reports of dead women and children that are found dead from heat stroke and lack of water?
  • I wrote the above point last night, and then on the news this morning I heard that all of these folks want to be caught because they believe they'll eventually be allowed to stay. That makes sense. 
  • But maybe the above revelation hasn't hit Rick Perry yet who yesterday announced that DPS troopers will be deployed to the border at a cost of $1.3 million a week. No question they'll spend 95% of their time catching those who made it across than preventing the crossings. That's not solving any problems. 
  • And the last time I checked,  DPS is not a group of women and men who signed up to be deployed like an army at the whim of someone who is trying to mount a presidential campaign. Say goodbye to your spouse and kids for awhile.
  • I was completely unaware of the Dane Lancaster incident mentioned in the Update. Here's a Facebook page on his recovery.
  • State Rep. Jonathan Strickland might want to worry as much about gluttony as he does about telling others what to think. (The Tea Party darling has for some unexplained reason become a Fox 4 darling over the last couple of days.)
  • This "Redskins" thing is really weird. Why even fight about it? 
  • Putting on my headset hooked up to a ridiculously small iPod Shuffle and hand watering the lawn is one of my favorite things to do.  (And I'm not a fan of the Shuffle. The thing is too small. It's almost impossible to clip to your belt while playing without accidentally hitting some button that screws everything up.)
  • I bought a burner cell phone to have for emergency purposes. (Although I'm going to have to have Mrs. LL figure out how the whole concept works.)
  • Heard Dennis Prager say the other day that we shouldn't call those who who have gone to college "educated" but instead call them "the indoctrinated." Incredible. 
  • The young Dallas sportswriter whose death I mentioned yesterday died of an aneurysm. And I also learned his wife is pregnant. And, from what I've also heard, if any one was involved in "clean living", it was him.