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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The mastermind behind Benghazi has been captured. (I had to look for the story in the fine print of the Fox News home page.)
  • I was asked to help out in jury selection in a big civil case that was set to go to trial yesterday in Decatur. It settled. But before it did, I was reminded of what a beating civil litigation is. Too much paper. Too many people. Too many issues. Too unpredictable.
  • Dr. Oz. was grilled before Congress yesterday, but I'll admit that I have never heard of the guy. He was in trouble for promoting some magic pill to lose weight. Man, I fly by those shows without stopping. But I suppose a TV show promoting exercise and watching your fat grams really wouldn't get ratings. But this isn't rocket science.
  • I loved the recent Jon Stewart show reviewing the Republicans' position on Iraq over the years (complete with video proof). It began with "weapons of mass destruction" and then transformed a few years later into "we needed to plant the seed of democracy."  And if radio guy Mark Davis is any indication, it has now transformed into "we took the War on Terror to a part of the globe where they want to kill us."  You know, you could have put Toby Keith in charge of the talking points and it would have been a more consistent (and honest) philosophy.
  • But I'll give credit Davis for stuff like this: Yesterday, a redneck called him and said that the influx of women and children crossing the US/Mexican border is actually an orchestrated distraction to cover-up for the young men who are also illegally crossing to secretly join "Obama's private army." Davis went off on him. I could almost feel his pain as he thought, "Good lord, we may never win another presidential election again." (The call ended with Davis saying, "You're smarter than that." The caller replied, "No, I'm not because . . . ." Davis cut him off and said, "And that's why we'll end this right here.")
  • Another odd tweet by that Texas Supreme Court justice.
  • The Chico stabbing victim listed in the Update has been in the news before. 
  • That crazy double tornado in Nebraska touched down briefly and beat the heck out of Pilger, Nebraska. This photo is amazing as you can see the center of that tiny town destroyed with miles of nothingness around it. 
  • Richard Durrett, former Dallas Morning News sports columnist and current writer, died suddenly yesterday at 38. I was looking at Twitter when the news broke and it caused a shock wave throughout the Dallas sports media. He left behind a wife and a six and three year old. 
  • Looking at his Twitter account, he was just actively doing his job up until the end with his last tweet being about a Texas Ranger minor league trade. You just go about your business and, suddenly, it ends.
  • The Family Pup is almost human. If I come home and he's alone, he normally acts like a dog and goes crazily happy. If he has made a mess, he'll be on my chair with his head down looking up at me with the saddest eyes. (But, hey, stupid dog! If you know it is wrong then why do you do it?)
  • I tried to watch the extra inning college world series game with TCU last night but I couldn't stay awake. They lost in the 15th. They are now one game away from elimination. 
  • Just announced: There is now the Bitcoin St.Petersburg Bowl. My head just exploded.
  • posted a now deleted-by-user video of two Rosenburg, Texas police officers lip-syncing to a Katy Perry song while in their patrol car.  The video can still be seen here. I thought that perhaps the officers were in trouble but based upon the Rosenburg Police Facebook page -- which looks like it is managed by a teenager -- that place is wheels off. Maybe the city council got involved. 
  • Regarding the death of the creator of Cadillac Ranch, at least the criminal allegations die along with him . . . (Edit to commenter: Might want to read the fine print called the "story". The criminal charges do, in fact, die.)