Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • We had Mrs. LL's side of the family over for the weekend for Christmas. One of them hates me beyond belief and just bludgeons me with passive aggressiveness. I spent most of the time trying to do the facial expression of, "Oh, no, you didn't!"
  • I finally got around to reading the article in Texas Monthly about Joe Jamail.  I have a very short list of people who I think are miserable human beings but he's close to the top of it.  The University of Texas should be embarrassed to be associated with him.
  • I almost want to see American Sniper but I'm afraid it does nothing but glorify the guy. I think everyone now agrees, after having lied about Jesse Ventura and lying about shooting two guys to death in a gas station in Texas, that he had a little trouble with telling the truth. 
  • I just looked up and saw Madonna on the news (she's releasing a new album). At 56 . . . dare I say it . . .  still pretty hot. 
  • I've convinced the Sixth Grader in the House that upon my death I should be cremated, my ashes mixed with glitter, and then shot out of a cannon from the Wise County Courthouse bell tower. She gives me a look and a smile of, "That is so weird but, between me and you,  I'm keeping this in the back of my mind because it's insanely funny." 
  • Shout out to Messenger sports editor Richard Greene. I had noticed that he ran the Dallas Marathon and finished at four hours and a few seconds. As much as I respected the guy for finishing the race, I wondered how he didn't gut it up and finish under four hours. I got my answer: In a column this week in the Messenger he revealed it was a malfunctioning running watch. 
  • I've finished 11 half marathons but cannot comprehend turning around at the finish line and going back to do it again.
  • Cowboys. Cowboys. Cowboys. But the game could have been completely different if that guy would have caught that fake punt pass in the first quarter. A crazy gamble that should have worked.
  • That field goal block by a Rams' player was crazy. He jumps over the center and then jumps again to block the kick. 
  • Mrs. LL wakes up with an alarm that plays weird Zen music which slowly gets louder. 
  • Mrs. LL got mad at me this weekend for watching the 30 for 30 episode on The University of Miami Part 2 without her. That's so weird. That's so hot.