The Campaign For DA


Worst People of 2014 List

  • Ray Rice (Wife beater)
  • Joe Jamail (UT embarrassment, Yep, I'm obsessed as of late.)
  • Mark Cuban (His promotion of his stupid app is driving me insane)
  • Sean Hannity (How is he still on the air?)
  • Jodi Arias (Hey, even I know she's guilty)
  • Roger Goodell (Incompetent NFL commissioner who makes millions)
  • Joel Osteen (Snake oil salesman)
  • Ed Young (Pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine and also a snake oil salesman)
  • Mark Davis (Talk show host who is a shadow of his former self because he's gone all Sean Hannity on us.)
  • Gary Patterson (TCU coach. He really didn't do anything this year but I'm not going to leave him off this list because of spite.)
  • Nick Saban (Alabama coach who might actually be Satan.)
  • The Blade Runner (Stop crying, buddy.)
  • Ferguson cops.
  • Ted Cruz (I think people are beginning to realize what a nut case he is)
  • Peter King (Sports writer who has nothing to offer). 
  • Pete Delkus (That crying wolf will get someone killed some day)
  • Jonathan Stickland (A Texas legislator who loves cheeseburgers as much as starring in his own Idiocracy)
  • Jerry Jones' grandson Spalding.
  • Chris Christie (Crooked Governor and fake Cowboys fan)
  • Justice Don Willett (Twitter goofball who is doing damage to the bench)
  • Wendy Davis (What a horrible campaign)
  • David Dewhurst (A worse campaigner than Wendy Davis)
  • Greg Abbott (Get ready, people. This is going to be bad.)
  • Dan Patrick (Lt. Gov. elect. This is going to be triple bad.)
  • The Texas Tech cheerleader who loves to kill animals.
  • Brian Estridge (WBAP talk show host who gets away with shocking right wing comments only because no one listens)
  • Ed Bark (Angry TV critic with thin skin who thinks he is an expert of every subject.)
  • Jean Jacques Taylor (Local sportswriter for EPSN who hasd become an afterthought. Unless you think of chicken wings.) 

Your nominations?