The Campaign For DA


Worst People of 2014 List

  • Ray Rice (Wife beater)
  • Joe Jamail (UT embarrassment, Yep, I'm obsessed as of late.)
  • Mark Cuban (His promotion of his stupid app is driving me insane)
  • Sean Hannity (How is he still on the air?)
  • Jodi Arias (Hey, even I know she's guilty)
  • Roger Goodell (Incompetent NFL commissioner who makes millions)
  • Joel Osteen (Snake oil salesman)
  • Ed Young (Pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine and also a snake oil salesman)
  • Mark Davis (Talk show host who is a shadow of his former self because he's gone all Sean Hannity on us.)
  • Gary Patterson (TCU coach. He really didn't do anything this year but I'm not going to leave him off this list because of spite.)
  • Nick Saban (Alabama coach who might actually be Satan.)
  • The Blade Runner (Stop crying, buddy.)
  • Ferguson cops.
  • Ted Cruz (I think people are beginning to realize what a nut case he is)
  • Peter King (Sports writer who has nothing to offer). 
  • Pete Delkus (That crying wolf will get someone killed some day)
  • Jonathan Stickland (A Texas legislator who loves cheeseburgers as much as starring in his own Idiocracy)
  • Jerry Jones' grandson Spalding.
  • Chris Christie (Crooked Governor and fake Cowboys fan)
  • Justice Don Willett (Twitter goofball who is doing damage to the bench)
  • Wendy Davis (What a horrible campaign)
  • David Dewhurst (A worse campaigner than Wendy Davis)
  • Greg Abbott (Get ready, people. This is going to be bad.)
  • Dan Patrick (Lt. Gov. elect. This is going to be triple bad.)
  • The Texas Tech cheerleader who loves to kill animals.
  • Brian Estridge (WBAP talk show host who gets away with shocking right wing comments only because no one listens)
  • Ed Bark (Angry TV critic with thin skin who thinks he is an expert of every subject.)
  • Jean Jacques Taylor (Local sportswriter for EPSN who hasd become an afterthought. Unless you think of chicken wings.) 

Your nominations?


Katy Anders said...

That horrible DA in the Ferguson case.

My neighbor, Ben.

And the horribly corrupt New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose re-election appears to have ended all the questions about how corrupt the guy is.

Anonymous said...

WOW... Gary Patterson? What did he do to deserve to be on the list? Act like a redneck media whore trying to get his mediocre team into the playoffs?...O wait that was your man Art Briles.....

Ferguson Cops? You really are a piece of work. Please explain what they did wrong besides do the world a favor?


Anonymous said...

What a deusche nozzle you are BG.

Anonymous said...

King Obama - unqualified
Michelle Obama - racist
Nancy Pelosi - moron, stupid, devoid of intelligence

Wendy Davis - disgusting, filthy
David Dewhurst - evil, entitled
Harry Reid - evil hypocrite
Charles Schumer - Hair Club for Men
Joe Biden - Hair Club for Men Part II

Al Sharpton - there is no word
Bill Cosby - disappointing
Kathleen Sebelius - way overrated
Eric Holder - prototypical lawyer
Alan Colmes - insignificant
Rick Perry - what an idiot
Art Briles - thug recruiter
Ann Coulter - icky
Hillary Clinton - ruthlessly evil bar none

Roger Goddell - prototypical lawyer
John Boehner - is he alive
Bill Clinton - over rated (size as well)
Lois Lerner - can I do her taxes?

The ENTIRE US Justice System - top to bottom

ALL members of Congress - should be fired

Police - out of control

Lawyers - name me one good, competent, caring, honest lawyer

Anonymous said...

Obammy, Moochelle, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Valerie Jarrett, Lois Lerner, Jessie HiJackson, de Blasio, and oh did I mention Obammy?

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot my list...

Obama (socialist idiot)

Barry (says stuff that i cant believe)

Katy (where do i start)

Obama (socialist idiot)

Al Sharpton (racist that stirs the pot)

Micheal Brown (punk that got what he deserved)

Obama (socialist idiot)

Hillary Clinton (I cant even stand to look at her)

Moochelle Obama (Her and her failed lunch program)

Kim Kardashian (she is retarded)

Justin Beiber (punk that needs his a** beat)

Whoopie Goldberg ( she is a disgusting racist)

Rosie O Donnell ( she is a disgusting sexist pig)


Anonymous said...

Wendy Davis - horrible campaign? that is why she is on the list?

What about her character? Good God!

What do you stand for Barry? You deserve your critics.

Baylor Too said...

I'd rather spend my time thinking positive thoughts at this time of year, rather than judging and tearing people down.

Anonymous said...


You're a douche. Learn how to spell it and drop the "nozzle" part, and you might not come off so goofy.

Anonymous said...

that jerk mayor in NYC--basically issued a call to arms--then two cops executed..

Anonymous said...

Barry Green (Angry lawyer with thin skin who thinks he is an expert of every subject.)

Anonymous said...

Ed Bark is damn near a nut case. I asked him why he said "Chris Christie (ugh)" and he replied "you don't know me why should I explain anything to you?" Any wonder he hasn't been employed for years?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bill Cosby, might merit a mention

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought 10:50 was saying someone was a German (Deutsch) nozzle! LOL. :-)

Hey! Someone else must agree with my statement that most of the seriously racist people left in this country are the minorities. My definition of a racist is--someone who is always pulling the "race card" to make a point. Hmmmm--seems the blacks do this the MOST with all the rest of us coming in a poor second (except Asians, who just knuckle down and work and get ahead in life--maybe we ALL oughta follow their example!).

Anonymous said...

thug clown..just for being himself

Anonymous said...

Wendy Davis -she give her children to their stepfather after she divorced him. And then she wants free abortions for the asking. What a slum bitch.

Anonymous said...

Dear Katy,
I don't always agree but I think you're clever and funny. If I may be so bold, I would love to drop acid with you and explain why eventually we all become conservatives. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

So any cop who shoots someone who leans in their squad car and attempts to take their pistol get on Barry's list. Those are the facts that the African American witnesses to the shooting testified to.

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:04, you're a special kinda deusche nozzle... Google it jack off.

Anonymous said...

Obamma, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, de Blasio, and Barry Green.

Anonymous said...

God I love you, Barry!

Nothing makes me happier than when you piss off all these lame-ass commenters.

Especially the lady who wrote "I'd rather spend my time thinking positive thoughts at this time of year, rather than judging and tearing people down." Well aren't you wonderful, lady! lol. What a bore. You must be a real hoot at parties.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And you forgot Art Briles who back in '08 I believe voted for OU in strength of schedule verses Texas in head to head to help put OU in the National Championship, only to be crying for the head to head vote this year!

Triple Fake... said...

Ray Rice - concur

Joe Jamail - don't know him but your obsession borders on stalking

Cuban - the only place I've seen his app talked about is on this blog

Hannity - meh. I never watch his show - or Fox News for that matter. He knows his audience is how he's still on the air. (contrary to what some liberals may think, not every conservative watches Fox News like it's religion.)

Goddell - concur

Patterson - Really?!?

Saban - why would Satan voluntarily live in Alabama? Similar names don't equate to similar character/conduct (Obama:Osama sound familiar?)

Spalding - what did he do exactly that qualifies him for this list?

Christie - maybe he is crooked, but he's a genuine Cowboys' fan

Tech cheerleader - lots of people hunt, and love it. Maybe you're conflicted and singling her out because she's hot, and flaunts her hotness and her love of hunting. And you can't reconcile the two

Estridge - see Hannity comment

Jodi Arias - if you believe she's guilty, then this is the worst person on your list. Guilty of murdering her own child

Anonymous said...

Absolutely 100% agree with the entire list except GP. That's sour grapes, BG.

Great list! Enjoyed this years blogging. Happy 2015, to you and yours.

Former Decaturite, Current Metromess Suburbanite

Anonymous said...

The great Jonathan Gruber

Anonymous said...

Ferguson Cops? You suk!

Anonymous said...

Leftist like Barry reduce the meaning of words.

Anonymous said...

Ferguson Cops? So even if we presume that Wilson shot the "gentle giant" under unjustified circumstances (IT WAS ABSOLUTELY JUSTIFIED), why lump them all in? are too successful in life to be that dense about the cranium. I suspect you just like to rabble rouse to incite racist, bigoted comments so that you can continue to sit upon your imaginary high horse.

Anonymous said...

Barry, Barry, Barry,

You controversy baiter, are you trying to one up Al Sharptongue and Jesse Jerkson?

Worst people lists are as subjective as our ability to filter right and wrong, good and bad.

You and I would not agree on either.

I think all people suck.
Thing is, some greater and lesser than others..... Happy Holidays :)

Anonymous said...

Ferguson cops? Why? because they didn't get killed?

Anonymous said...

How can you include Ray Rice and not Adrian Peterson? Beating a woman is bad but beating children is just as bad if not worse.

And why the Ferguson cops, that was a justifiable homicide (although I would agree they handled the fallout poorly); what the NYPD did to Garner was where the police committed a crime and should have been punished.

You liberals are so f'ed up, conflicted and inconsistent. You love and defend child molesters/abusers yet want to toss Ray Rice in prison for life. You want Roger Goodell to burn for the mistakes he made as the commissioner of a freaking SPORT but you give the mayor of the greatest city on earth a pass when his words and actions directly led to the death of innocent people.

Ernest T said...

Jonathan Gruber

Bill Del Blasio

Barack Obama

Nancy Pelosi

Harry Reid

All of the idiot protestors in Ferguson and other places

Al Sharpton

Jesse Jackson

Eric Holder

Anonymous said...

You win hands down.

Anonymous said...

The American Leftist

Raised in the greatest nation ever to exist and they want to destroy it and deny the rest of the world the same freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Michael Brown's Parents:

They knew their son beat up a cop. Tried to take the gun of a cop, to kill the cop.

Then refused to say Michael Brown, did not deserve to die for his actions?

That's bullsh!t.

Anonymous said...


I googled it. You're still spelling it wrong. Once again, I'd drop the "nozzle" part because it's dumb. If you had any friends they would tell you the same. I'm just a cool guy trying to help out an obvious dork, don't shoot the messenger!

Anonymous said...


Love it when you hillbillys call her Moochelle Obama. She's the best looking first lady we've ever had, and you rednecks like to insinuate that her muscle is fat. Look at your wives. THAT'S what fat looks like.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Joe

Joe Willie

Willie Clinton

Gov. Good Hair

Jim Harbaugh

Any reality show star.

Danny Ainge.

Jon Daniels.

The Executive Branch

The Judicial Branch

The Legislative Branch

Bourbon and Branch

Branch Rickey

Rickey Henderson

Anonymous said...


Jackie Kennedy, hands down, not even close.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it's too late to get a condo in Vail for the holidays?

Double Fake Fidel Castro

Anonymous said...

Yeah 2:27, You need an eye exam, stat!!! Fat and just plain ugly are two different animals. When we call her ugly, that doesn't equate to calling her fat also. She is stacked with muscle but she's so ugly the Border Patrol used her picture because it was more effective than the border fence.

Anonymous said...


And I ain't even gonna tell you why

Anonymous said...

The courthouse toilet.

DF Courthouse Crab

Anonymous said...

The hellafied swamp-ass I get from doing my WOD in the AM.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord it's as plain as the Roger Ailes talking points memo tattooed on his face. The answer is wordkyle.

Anonymous said...

Greg Williams

Anonymous said...

The Bad:

1. The new Ranger ownership & John Daniels for squeezing out Nolan Ryan. Bad move.
2. Wall Street Bankers & their paid lackeys in Washington D. C. for slipping in tax-payer protection of derivative trading in the recent funding bill. The rich get richer
3. Bill Clinton and Phil Gramm for killing the Glass–Steagall Act. People don't realize the protection that law gave us from big money.
4. Grupo Bimbo – they have ruined a Texas tradition, Mrs Baird's Bread.
5. Jerry Jones – did you even wonder if he would make the list?
6. Dan Patrick – will have us missing David Dewhurst in short order
7. Wal Mart – treat their employees like dirt and we all still trek in mindlessly to shop.
8. NBC-5 – still haven't forgiven them for cutting loose Jane McGarry over a little wine buzz. Jane, I love you!
9. Toll roads
10. State Rep Phil King – we really couldn't do better?

The Good:

1. Tony Romo – broken back & busted ribs and still better than 95% of NFL quarterbacks
2. Best Maid Pickles – a North Texas tradition
3. Shiner Beer – only beer in heaven
4. Holt Hickman – a true gentleman who saved the Fort Worth Stockyards. Hope his son doesn't screw it up with the new development partnership.
5. Nolan Ryan – any man who could solve the Texas Snow Monkey problem is in my permanent hero book.
6. Lyle Lovett – best actor/character in The Bridge on FX, plus my favorite Aggie crooner.
7. Britney Spears – a good girl who knows how to be bad.
8. Ed Bass – quietly worked the Fort Worth power structure for many years and finally secured approval and funding of a new Fort Worth Rodeo coliseum on the Will Rogers Memorial Center grounds. Well done, sir, well done!
9. The Big Sandy – I am looking forward to the arrival of DPS gunboats to protect this critical waterway any day now.
10. Barry Green, Esquire – for putting up with the unwashed masses who partake of this wonderful blog & forget to say “thank you”. You'll get your reward in heaven, Mr. Green (where Shiner Beer is flowing freely).

DF Santa Claus
making lists and checking them twice for longer than most of you have been alive.

Anonymous said...

Who are the worst people (entities) in the world(s)? Easy! The Service-to-self:

What are the characteristics of Service-to-Self? They want control over others, a clear pecking order so that whatever status they have achieved cannot be challenged, and they want this status conserved. Since they aspire to be at the top of the pile, they want this pile conserved, not altered, and protecting the spoils of the rich is thus a precept of their philosophy. What is missing in this equation is the conservation of comfort and security for the common man, who must be sharply punished if they challenge the status quo and especially if they rebel and are thus out of control of the conservatives seeking to maintain the status quo. The status quo disempowers the common man, who is so exhausted from trying to feed and house a family they have scarce energy to protest, who can be threatened with being thrown out on the street with no recourse if they protest or are reluctant to be under strict control in all aspects of their lives.

Anonymous said...

You still win.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a shame how 99% of the lawyers give the whole profession a bad name.

Barry thinks we should all think like him. If we did, we would join him in hell with the rest of the lawyers.

Anonymous said...

You will never overdo the Joe Jamail thing in my eyes. Keep it up. I love UT, but I hate that sonofabitch.

Anonymous said...

What did Spalding ever do to you? Come up with some original material for Christsakes. Maybe you could start your own radio station in Wise County called "The Hicket"

Anonymous said...

8:31 PM said

Maybe you could start your own radio station in Wise County called "The Hicket"

But it would have to have a substantial delay in order to plagiarize the ticket content.

Oh by the way...4:41, you are an idiot

Anonymous said...

729 you have earned top spot on' in my way of thinking..which is worse for our country..thugs or lawyers?

Mr. Mike Honcho said...


I guess there is no better way to spread that Holiday Cheer than a blog post like this.

Jesse Lowry said...

Didnt have the courage to post my comment. Just like I figured.

Anonymous said...

If Santa dont get to putt his ding ding in Mrs. Clause bobo tonite....Then she can put that GD swing set together her self.

Once a year, let's grease 'er up...

Anonymous said...

I guess 9:17 pm was not happy with the lump of coal I left under the tree last year. Oh well.

DF Santa Claus
just because you don't believe in me, doesn't mean I'm not real

Goober's Cousin Gomer said...

Locally, it should include the Alvoid School board Prez and his handler John. 6:21 describes them to a "T"!

Anonymous said...

Retract Garry Patterson you f'in Baylor bitch or I'm done with your blog.

Anonymous said...


Leave, please.

Paul Wilson said...

How about the supreme leader Barack Obama, destroyed our health care system,......played golf......, destroyed our boarders,.... played golf........... destroyed our banking system,.........played golf..............destroyed every other countries confidence in the US as Allies, played golf.
What a f****in looser!
2016 can't get here fast enough!!!

Anonymous said...

Please add tracy smith wise county democrat party chairman tothe lsist of horrible people

Anonymous said...

It's been a bad year with your lying president but maybe he want take us completely down in the next two years.
I love watching Sean Hannity and Cruz....
Love it when men aren't afraid to speak the truth!!